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Acouslime 3in1: Moisture Barrier, Elastic Wood Flooring Adhesive

Acouslime 3 in 1 timber flooring adhesive is an elastic, one part, moisture curing adhesive based on silane modified polymer. It is solvent free, without any toluene, xylene, methanol, isocyanate or other harmful components. It has excellent UV resistance, water resistance and anti-weathering properties. 

Key Features
  • One component
  • Free of isocyanates and silicones
  • Water free, no swelling of the timber due to the adhesive
  • Elastic curing and compensates for slight movement in the timber
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to spread with a notched trowel 
  • Excellent strong adhesion
  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems
  • Beige colour, other colours available on request
  • Packaging: 600ml sausages, 16kg and 20litre pails
Scope of Use
  • Acouslime 3 in 1 TFA is a timber flooring adhesive suitable for adhering parquet, solid strip, softwood and hardwood, engineered and bamboo flooring to concrete and timber sub floors in indoor applications
  • It is also suitable for bonding acoustic underlays as an intermediate bond between subfloors and flooring systems
  • Suitable for use where flooring heating applications are installed.
Limitations on Use

Application conditions:

  • Ambient Temperature — Apply at a temperature between 5°C and 40°C
  • The optimal temperature is between 15°C and 25°C
  • Ambient Humidity — Apply at a humidity between 40% and 80%.


  • Remove excess sealant immediately with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or acetone
  • Cured material can only be removed mechanically

Shelf Life:

  • Pails can be stored for 12 months (sausages 24 months) in original closed (unopened) packing in a dry place at temperatures between +10°C and +30°C away from direct sunlight
  • Do not allow it to freeze

Surface Preparation:

  • All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of voids, curing compounds, loose materials, oil, grease, and curing compounds or dissimilar uncured chemicals that can affect the adhesion
  • The sub floor should be level to 2 mm over 3 metres otherwise a floor level compound is required. For some substrates, they may require a pre-treated with primer, such as pine and some oily timbers
  • It is strongly recommended to complete pre-adhesion testing due to the uncertainty of the wide range of substrates encountered
  • A suitable moisture barrier will be required to help prevent moisture migration through the slab on levels that will not cause swelling or cupping of the timber flooring or parquetry
  • As a cautionary step, it is strongly recommended that a moisture barrier is used on all ground floor slabs and all new slabs less than 4 months old
  • Always carry out moisture tests to confirm suitability. A dry concrete slab is considered suitable for timber flooring where the Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR) does not exceed 15gm2 per 24 hours


  • Designed for professional, trained applicators
  • A complete trowel bed installation is the preferred method for direct stick over concrete slabs, timber sub floors and where specified by the timber flooring product supplier or ATFA industry recommendations
  • Using a 3-4mm V-notch or similar U-notch trowel, apply a single application in multi directions to ensure optimum coverage. Depending on the sub floor and timber used, it can be expected to achieve between 800g/m2 to 1150g/m2
  • The recommended trowel is to be determined on site, depending on the bonding surface, levelness of the base substrate, material expansion, length of timber or parquet used and mechanical stresses a layer thickness of 1-6mm is recommended. It is important that the applicator sufficiently wet the back side of the timber or parquet to ensure a complete bond
Other Performance Attributes
  • Free of isocyanates and silicones
  • Water free, no swelling of the timber due to the adhesive
  • Elastic curing and compensates for slight movement in the timber
  • Non-flammable
Technical Data Sheet
Product Information Sheet


Safety Data Sheet


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