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Article Deadlines and Feature Topics

July articles are now live. Newsletter dates will be:

  • 2 July: EBOSSNOW Exteriors
  • 9 July: EBOSSNOW Interiors
  • 16 July: EBOSSNOW Monthly Feature — Timber Innovations

If you have any questions about your July article, please contact

Upcoming Deadlines and Feature Topics 

The below deadlines are for ALL articles in each month, regardless of whether for the month's feature topic OR our theme-free interiors or exteriors publications.



Optional Topic*Published
Jul 2019 18 Jun Timber Innovations
A chance to share innovative timber products that enhance buildings structurally and visually. 
1 Jul
Aug 2019 18 Jul Energy Efficiency
Energy-saving products that help reduce energy usage and power bills, while minimising the building's environmental footprint. 
1 Aug
Sep 2019 15 Aug Pre-cladding
Products designed to protect the building enclosure from the elements, both during and after the build.
2 Sep
Oct 2019 12 Sep Sustainability
A chance to share how the life-cycle of your products is sustainably managed. 
1 Oct
Nov 2019 10 Oct Passive Fire
Products designed to meet the stringent fire requirements of the NZBC.
1 Nov
Dec 2019 14 Nov Modern Kitchens
A look at the products that add flair to kitchens and make lives easier. 
2 Dec
Jan 2019 6 Dec - NO FEATURE TOPIC -  13 Jan
Feb 2019 17 Jan Affordable Housing
Products and systems that can help designers create affordable housing, without compromising on quality. 
3 Feb
Mar 2019 13 Feb Skillion Roofs
Products that contribute to the design of elegant, functional and compliant skillion roofs.
2 Mar
Apr 2019 12 Mar Interesting Surfaces
Interior linings and surfaces that offer unique and textured finishes. 
1 Apr
May 2019 16 Apr Accessibility
Inclusive product solutions designed to improve accessibility and mobility both for disabled people and NZ's ageing population. 
1 May
Jun 2019 14 May Off-site Manufacturing
Looking at modular, portable and prefabricated building products for the design and construction of prefabricated buildings.
2 Jun

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