April Feature: Pre-cladding Solutions

carter holt harvey ecoply barrier weathertight home 1

Ecoply Barrier Selected for Healthy, Homestar Rated Home

The BRANZ appraised rigid air barrier not only provided weathertightness and bracing, but also time savings in the renovation of a builder's draughty home.

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pro clima solitex underlay nzcba head office 1

NZCB Select Pro Clima Underlays for New Head Office

Pro Clima's SOLITEX wall and roof underlays keeps framing dry at the New Zealand Certified Builders Association's new head office.

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ibs egger os brace rap rigid air barrier 1

Egger OS'Brace RAP by IBS Speeds Up Construction on New Builds

Abode Homes chooses the lightweight OS'Brace RAP by Independent Building Supplies as their rigid air barrier of choice.

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Dristud breathable roof underlay 1

DriStud Wall Wrap and Roofing Underlays Engineered to Breathe

The high moisture vapour transmission rate of DriStud's wall wrap and roofing underlays helps create healthier, more energy-efficient structures.

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