July Feature: Fire Performance

alucobond fire resistant panels te oro

Alucobond Plus: Fire-Retardant Aluminium Composite Panels

Alucobond, as part of a properly designed cladding system, meets high fire resistance requirements.

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Ricochet Ponsonby Xpressclad Through Colour

Pacific Build Takes a Holistic View on Fire Performance

All of the products in Pacbld's systems are fire rated, so they can work collectively as a 'whole' to ensure safe, compliant buildings. 

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Bellus Apartments, Auckland, detail close-up

Jacobsen Supplies Naturally Fire-Resistant Cladding

Naturally fire-resistant terracotta is increasing in popularity as a building cladding option.

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EdenOne 4

Nu-Wall Aluminium Cladding is Non-Combustible

Not to be confused with composite sheet aluminium panels, Nu-Wall profiles are manufactured from solid extruded aluminium, with fine powdercoat finishes that meet the stringent fire requirements of th...

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