February Feature: Affordable Housing

Elizabeth Street Units

Metrapanel Inter-Tenancy System Saves Costs on Multi-Unit Complex

At just 172mm in width, the Metrapanel Inter-tenancy Wall system helped provide more overall floor space for the units of this Christchurch complex.

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Reduce Heat and Glare with New Advanced Range of Suntuf Roofing

To meet NZ's changing climate, PSP Translucent Roofing is introducing a new range of advanced Suntuf Polycarbonate Sheets featuring a Group 1-S Fire Rating.

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Tiles on OUTDURE QWICKBUILD, Day residence

Creating Cost-Effective Outdoor Living Spaces with Outdure

The lightweight aluminium Qwickbuild subframe-system is fast, efficient and affordable to install, making it an ideal solution for cost-effective decking.

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Terry Lobb eHaus Parthaney Project Interior 08

eHaus Finished in Resene: Economical to Run, Healthy and Colourful

Light, warm, reflective Resene colours were used throughout the interior of this eHaus which was designed with a focus on energy-efficiency.

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