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Design Advice

Factors to Consider When Analysing Additional Shading

There are many factors which influence whether additional shading created by a project proposal can be considered more than minor.

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22 June 2020
25 May 2020

Covid-19 and Shovel-Ready Projects

shovel ready auckland

‘Shovel-Ready’ is the adjective of the moment, but is it to be a 2019 descriptor or a 2021 descriptor? This will be important in 20 years time when the decisions about to be made will be well cemented in.

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28 April 2020

Considering Thermal Windows

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Windows form an important barrier and connection between the wide outside world and the cosy private environment of the building’s occupants. As the weakest point, attempts have been taken by industry to address the thermal vulnerability of this necessary building element.

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20 February 2020

Sustainable Water Supply

jan kaluza EGBXse9Ub28 unsplash

With the current shortage of rain in much of NZ, especially in the North, it is appropriate to recognise the long-term change in rainfall patterns and to give serious consideration to having water storage for domestic use at most dwellings.

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19 February 2020

Sustainability Will Help Drive Prefab Forward

sustainable coloured bins recycling

The industry needs to work to lessen inefficient delivery of materials, building waste and the movement of the workforce in order to reduce our environmental impact. 

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22 November 2019

Smartening Up Asset Management with BIM

CS12 Waste water hero image v3

There are misconceptions about BIM’s applicability to existing assets but a recent project at Hamilton City Council’s Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant exemplifies how BIM technologies can be utilised to provide a rich, multi-dimensional picture of existing assets.

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22 November 2019

NZBC – H1 Energy Efficiency


From time to time there are calls from various interest groups advocating that their section of the New Zealand Building Code needs to be updated or revised, including Clause H1 (Energy Efficiency).

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18 November 2019

Considering the Next Phase of Offsite Construction in New Zealand

osm image 1

There are many reasons to believe that the future is bright for the offsite construction sector in New Zealand. 

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20 October 2019

BIM and the Magic of Metadata Standards


Learnings on the use of metadata standards to inform BIM data capture, from the NZDF Whenuapai base gymnasium project.

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20 September 2019

Assessing the Thermal Performance of Homes

photo by Sayan nath

With the growing acceptance that we must be much more clever with our use of the world’s non-renewable resources, we are well past the time when we can rely on long-standing assumptions, short-term thinking, and Green-wash. Objective assessments are urgently needed.

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26 August 2019

Making Data Smarter: BIM for Asset and Facilities Management

revit file bim in nz

How capturing data through BIM has helped Wellington City Council cost-effectively identify and schedule maintenance work required on its social housing portfolio to extend the life of the assets.

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