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Design Advice

BIM Best Practice for NZ

The newly released Third Edition of the NZ BIM Handbook explains the benefits of BIM and best practice approach across the full asset lifecycle.

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23 May 2019
01 March 2018

Faster, Safer, Better Buildings On Time and On Budget

prefabnz blog header 2

An introduction to prefabrication: what specifiers need to be aware of when designing for offsite construction.

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23 February 2018

PrefabNZ CoLab 2018

prefabnz prefabricated construction 1

PrefabNZ’s CoLab is about increasing construction productivity through innovative construction, especially prefab and offsite manufacture. 

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24 November 2017

How Cold Does it Actually Get?

Detailed blog post image keith huntington november 2017

Does the disconnect between the standard temperatures used for thermal performance research, and the actual interior and climatic temperatures to which building are exposed, cause confusion?

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25 October 2017

Recessed Windows: Is a New Aesthetic Needed?

1710 Keith Huntington blog post

Recently there seems to be a developing interest in locating domestic aluminium windows to align with the thermal insulation zone of exterior walls. This interest seems to be focused on thermally broken window frames and the by-passing of the thermal break which occurs with current window installation details.

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21 September 2017

There is More to Insulation Than Just the R-value

1709 Keith Huntington brian babb 256298

When there is talk of thermal insulation 'R-values' soon come into the conversation, but how do they relate to the actual thermal comfort of a building? And are they the primary determinant of the thermal comfort of a home?

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21 September 2017

Partnering Experience and Expertise to Create Better Buildings

1709 Pamela Bell The Grounds exterior 1 1

Construction businesses with differing levels of experience and expertise can form partnerships at an individual project level in order to increase information, education and skills — as collaboration between Stanley Group and Tall Wood at The Grounds, Hobsonville Point shows.

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28 August 2017

Thermally Broken Window Frames

1708 Keith Huntington thermal window2

Thermally broken window frames have been available for a number of years, but for some reason their uptake has not been as rapid as might be expected from the promotion given to them.

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24 July 2017

Problem or Potential? Evolving NZ Design for a Thriving Future

Creating living buildings opens up conversations about design, sustainability and regeneration of natural resources.

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18 May 2017

Eco Design Advisors Conference

There are city councils in New Zealand which offer their citizens and local designers free advice on how to improve the quality and comfort of both new and existing homes.

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19 April 2017

Thermal Performance Aspects of Low-Rise Apartment Design

Ensuring that medium-density low-rise apartment complexes comply with NZBC-H1 (Energy Efficiency) is more involved than for stand-alone dwellings.

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