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Accessibility and Wellbeing for Door Openings: Access Solutions for Every Application

dormakaba have a variety of door opening solutions to ensure unhindered building access for all visitors.

AVENTOS HK Top: The Compact Lift System that’s Packed with Functionality

Small is beautiful with AVENTOS HK top. With its compact form factor and proven functionality, this beautifully designed lift system opens new possibilities for designers.

May 2020 feature


Inclusive product solutions designed to improve accessibility and mobility both for those with a range of disabilities — as well as NZ's ageing population.

How to Design E2 Compliant Level Access Building Entrances

Level threshold access to buildings is essential for disabled and elderly occupants. Allproof have multiple systems that address the key features set out in E2/AS1 7.3.2 and Figure 17B, providing fully compliant solutions.

The Importance of Incorporating Universal Design

The Importance of Incorporating Universal Design

Blum asks Lifemark some essential questions on Universal Design for accessibility.

Improve Accessibility with LRV, Resene Colour and Texture

Improve Accessibility with LRV, Resene Colour and Texture

Use of contrasting colours can help people use and navigate a space.

Design More Accessible Spaces with PDL by Schneider Electric

Design More Accessible Spaces with PDL by Schneider Electric

Find out how PDL by Schneider Electric solutions can help increase accessibility in building and renovation projects.

The Different Types of Glass Used in Construction

There are mainly three types of glass; annealed glass, heat-strengthened glass and toughened glass. Here's a look at how we can expect each to perform. 

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25 May 2020
BIM Benchmark Survey

The latest research results in an ongoing study on the use of BIM across the New Zealand construction industry since 2014

BIM Acceleration Committee

Airtightness for NZ's First Straw Bale Passive House

The airtightness layer for this unique straw bale build is achieved using a combination of plaster on the walls and pro clima INTELLO PLUS Intelligent Air Barrier in the ceiling.

EFA-SST Secure: The Burglar-Resistant High-Speed Door

Maximum security meets maximum speed with EFAFLEX’s latest development — a high-speed door designed to provide optimal security against robbery and vandalism.

Benefits of the New ComFlor SR Steel Floor Decking System

Featuring enhanced acoustic, fire and point load performance, and additional mass, ComFlor SR is ideal for an array of applications from residential dwellings to multi-storey high rise buildings. 

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