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Case Studies

Below are some examples of effective case studies.

Features these have in common:

  • A clear structure which focusses on a challenge, a product solution, key benefits, installation and the final result
  • Quotes from an architect, builder or homeowner to back up any claims
  • High-quality in-situ photographs


Interior linings for cabinetry and walls: 
Pre-finished Ply Provides Warm Finish for Pauanui Home 
This case study highlights why the product was chosen and the visual benefits it provides. It also includes details on how the builder found the product to use and the installation benefits. The article includes quotes from the builder and high-quality photographs to show off the final result. 

Interior finishes:
Lime Wash Finish Showcased in Scandinavian-Inspired Home
This case study outlines why the product was chosen, how it fits in with architectural trends, how it was applied and how the designer feels about the final result. Quotes from the designer give an insider's perspective while clear, architectural images illustrate the final result.

Interior flooring:
Black Entry Matting for White Interior
This case study illustrates how the product was chosen and the benefits it offers all while giving an overview of the architectural project. Images highlight the product and how it is integrated into the overall design. 

Services — locking:
Smart Locks Prove Ideal for Museum Heritage Doors
This case study outlines a problem building users were facing and how a new solution resolved these issues. The use of subheadings helps to break up the text, while quotes from the client and the brand's architectural consultant help give more detailed info on the benefits of the product solution.

Services — lighting:
Elegant Lighting Design Balances Subtlety and Drama
This case study features eye-catching images which have been created to fill the whole image gallery space. The article outlines the challenges of the space, with quotes that illustrate how the architect overcame those challenges using a range of products. In this case, the focus is on the specification as a whole, with a select few specific examples included.


Pre-cladding systems: 
UNI Flexible Air Barrier Used in Striking New Whatawhata Build 
This case study outlines the challenges of the project and how the pre-cladding product chosen met those challenges and ensured a cost-effective and time-efficient build. Quotes from the builder and architect illustrate the benefits of the product from two perspectives, adding credibility.  

Exterior decking:
Home Renovation Features Futurewood Decking
This case study outlines the brief and scope of the project, why the product was chosen and the benefits this particular decking offers. The success of the project is backed up by quotes from the builder and end-user. Eye-catching images show the final result. 

Structural products: 
Innovative Engineered Timber Creates Unique Results
This case study focuses on a particularly challenging task — building to withstand a one-in-2500-year-earthquake. The article outlines the benefits of the product, how it was supplied and how it performs as part of a system. 

Exterior finishes: 
Porter’s Liquid Iron Creates Rust Look for Vineyard Pavilion
For this case study, an architect was interviewed to go into detail about the look they wanted to achieve and why this particular product was used. They also outline how the product was used to achieve that look. Clever use of keywords in the title and byline help the page rank high in searches for 'rust look paint'. 

Roofing and cladding:
Roof to Wall Detail with Eurotray Angle Seam
This article uses high-quality architectural images to capture the readers' interest. The case study outlines what the homeowners wanted and how the architects achieved the look and feel using a particular product. Quotes from the architect highlight the advantages of using this product. 

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