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Plush NZ Wool Carpets Bring Added Luxury to Architectural Home

When designing his own family home in Remuera, Auckland, architect Paul Clarke of Studio2 Architects took a considered approach to material selection, opting for natural substrates like timber and concrete to provide an organic feel throughout. For the study, boys' bedrooms and guest room where a softer, quieter flooring was preferred, he specified Velluto plush pile — a premium natural wool carpet by Bremworth.

Velluto, meaning velvet in Italian, is a luxury plush pile wool carpet that recreates the dark and light shading typical of velvet. Made in New Zealand from locally grown wool, the natural fibre has the added bonus of being 100% renewable and biodegradable. The sophisticated elegance of Velluto is complemented by practical benefits including stain, odour and fire resistance.

The natural wool composition of the Bremworth Velluto carpet was a key factor in the specification. “I love the idea of it being a natural product and that it’s New Zealand made with New Zealand wool,” says Paul. “The choice to use the Bremworth carpet was about paying a bit more to get the longevity, better quality and plushness."

He also appreciated the insulation advantages the Velluto carpet offered. “The insulation quality of the carpet in terms of noise, heating and cooling is great,” he says. “In winter it feels warmer, and in summer it feels cooler.”

The premium cut pile of the carpets ensures a sophisticated look and a luxurious feel underfoot. The Silverwisp colour specified blends into the aesthetic of the house, while the texture of Velluto adds a softness to the different rooms, providing a subtle contrast to the polished concrete of other areas of the home.

And while thicker carpets may have a reputation for being higher maintenance, Paul has found that it’s been simple to keep the carpets in top condition with regular vacuuming. “We use the vacuum and they just spring back again.”

Ultimately, the Velluto natural wool plush pile carpet by Bremworth has brought the perfect balance of luxury and practical features to the home — adding elegance, softness and comfort where needed without compromising on durability. “It’s been great,” says Paul. “It’s fantastic for the boys’ rooms and guest room as it’s robust, and always looks good. And for the study it’s easy to clean and the dog loves it.”

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Plush NZ Wool Carpets Bring Added Luxury to Architectural Home
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