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Urbo Hardware
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Urbo is all about fine lines, clean shapes and a combination of square and radiused edges, delivering a lighter look without compromising on strength.

Key Features
  • All APL hardware comes as a complete package, including locking mechanisms.


Pull Handle: A comfortable grip with inner edges that are smoothly radiused.

  • Small - 255mm high
  • Large -323mm high

Lever Door: The lever door handle gives hinged doors the ideal finishing touch. Snib or key operation is available.

  • Small - Handle length 125mm, Baseplate 214mm
  • Large - Handle length 125mm, Baseplate 290mm

Surface Mount Sliding Door: This all-in-one handle and lock for sliding windows or doors. Has no separately installed snib or keyway.

  • 180mm high x 54mm deep

Half Lever Sliding Door: This small lever handle locks sliding door panels together, usually in 4-panel configurations. May be used in conjunction with a pull handle on heavier doors. Self-latching option available.

  • 72mm long x 50mm deep

Bi-Fold Operator Handle: This swivel lock activates locking rods in the top and bottom of the door or window panel.

  • 220mm high x 25mm wide

Flush Pull:The flush pull is ideal for lighter sliding panels where a robust hand grip is not required.

  • 220mm high x 44mm wide

Interior Handle: Handles for interior timber doors provide continuity between your exterior and interior joinery.

  • Handle length 125mm, Baseplate 60mm diameter

Window Fastener:The window fastener with separately fixed wedge is suitable for the APL Architectural Series.

  • 110mm wide x 40mm deep

Wedgeless Venting Fastener: ;A low-profile option with an opposing tongue for passive ventilation. Turned one way, the window is tightly closed; turned the other, it allows for some ventilation.

  • 110mm wide x 33mm deep

Wedgeless Fastener: The nylon wedge is matched to the handle colour. For Residential windows, including ThermalHEART. Available in a low profile option.

  • 110mm wide x 33mm deep
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for residential and light commercial applications
Statement of Building Code Compliance

All products supplied by Vantage Windows & Doors meet or exceed the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and New Zealand Standards; NZS4211, Performance of Windows, and NZS4223, Glazing in Buildings — Parts 1-4.

Other Performance Attributes

A warranty for all Vantage Windows & Doors products is provided, under normal conditions of use, against failure of materials and/or workmanship for a period of 5 years. 

Producer Statement / Warranty


Vantage Care & Maintenance Guide


Manufacturer Contact List
WGANZ Guide to E2/AS1

1 August 2019

Vantage Brochure
APL and Sustainability


Vantage Windows & Doors' locally made joinery is found in more New Zealand homes than any other brand, and Vantage are always refining and innovating solutions to meet changing needs.

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