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Woodland Lifestyle Herringbone Flooring

Woodland Herringbone is multi-layer flooring in plank form with the capability of being installed in various herringbone patterns.

Herringbone has traditionally required expert installation using solid timber and post-installation finishing. This product enables project owners and specifiers to achieve the herringbone design economically, with easy installation, with the benefits of commercial grade ISOCORE.

ISOCORE is an innovative highly engineered closed-cell foamed PVC core that delivers rigidity and strength yet is lightweight and easy to handle and install. 


  • Extruded ISOCORE layer: 5.0mm
  • Top layer: 2.0mm LVT
  • Wear layer: 0.55mm
  • Integrated underlay: 1.0mm
  • Overall thickness: 8.0mm
  • Use: Commercial and residential
  • Finish: Urethane with enhanced ceramic bead and Ultra-Fresh
  • Plank size: 700mm x 120mm
Key Features
  • 100% waterproof (not a membrane)
  • Integrated underlay
  • Increased dimensional stability allowing use over larger areas
  • Resistant to indentation 60% greater than solid vinyl click floors
  • Locking strength four times stronger than solid vinyl click floors
  • Designed to be installed in various Herringbone patterns
  • Outstanding in-room and transfer acoustics
  • Easy install with Droplock 400 system
  • Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial protection
  • Available in six colours
  • 15 year commercial warranty, lifetime residential warranty
  • Can be installed over existing tiles and vinyl
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for wet areas under NZBC clause E3 (alternative solution must be submitted) 
  • Suitable for use in light commercial and residential flooring applications
  • Ideal for child care centres, aged care, hotels/motels, restaurants/cafes, retail spaces
  • Recommended for wet areas
  • Can be installed over existing tiles and vinyl
  • Floating installation — no adhesive required
Limitations on Use
  • While Herringbone flooring is 100% water proof it is not a tanking solution
  • Herringbone is not recommended for use in showers
  • Herringbone is not recommended for use outside, in sunrooms/solariums, saunas, seasonal porches, boats, or rooms that have the potential for flooding
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • NZBC Clause E3 — Internal moisture: Alternative solution must be submitted (see downloads) in areas containing sanitary items and sanitary fixtures

Manufacturer has provided testing for a product of similar specification. Based on comparison, Herringbone has the following results:

Standard Description Requirement Result
ASTM F963   Heavy Metals Refer to Standard  Passes Requirement 
ASTM F970  Static Load Limit  +/-0.005”, 250-Lbs. Load  Passes Requirement 
ASTM F925  Chemical Resistance  No more than ‘slight change’  Surpasses Requirement 
ASTM F1514  Resistance to Heat  Average and Max △E <8.0  Surpasses Requirement  
ASTM F1515  Resistance to Light  Average and Max △E <8.0  Surpasses Requirement 
ASTM F410  Wear Layer Thickness  Commercial: ≥20mil (0.5mm)  Passes Requirement 
ASTM F4060  Abrasion Resistance  N/A  Average 25,000 cycles 
ASTM E90 & E413   Airborne Sound Transmission Loss STC ≥50 STC 59: Surpasses Requirement 
ASTM E492 & E989   Impact Sound Transmission IIC ≥50  IIC 65: Surpasses Requirement 

Fire testing summary of results:

Testing carried out by AWTA, Victoria, Australia
Commercial Mean 
 CHF Value 9.2  9.0  9.0  9.1kW/m² 
Smoke Value  179 167 162  169% min 

 Slip testing summary of results:

Testing carried out by ISTS
Product/Pattern Commercial/
Smooth Oak
Swiss Oak
Classification W X
Pendulum Mean BPN (4S Rubber) 48BPN 43BPN
Notional contribution of floor surface to the risk of slipping when wet LOW MODERATE
In-Service History

Herringbone was developed in 2020 for the New Zealand market. Multi-Layer flooring has been installed in projects throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA.

ISOCORE technology is distributed by:

  • Metroflor in the USA through its Genesis brand
  • Home Depot under the Lifeproof brand
Other Performance Attributes
  • 100% waterproof (not a membrane)
  • Resistant to indentation 60% greater than solid vinyl click floors
  • Locking strength four times stronger than solid vinyl click floors
  • Outstanding in-room and transfer acoustics
  • Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial protection


  • 15 year commercial warranty
  • Lifetime residential warranty
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
D1 Access Routes compliant
Access Routes
E3 Internal Moisture compliant
Internal Moisture
G6 Airborne and Impact Sound compliant
Airborne and Impact Sound
Data Sheet


Fire Testing Report
Installation and Operation
Flooring Layer Details
Additional Information

Woodland Lifestyle is a family-owned, New Zealand based business specialising in acoustic and hard flooring solutions for
both residential and commercial applications.

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