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Corradi Millenium — Angled Aluminium Pergotenda

The Millenium Pergotenda by Corradi is the ideal solution for contemporary architectural settings and tastes. With its flush front and flexible design, the Millenium creates a sun and rain protected area that will fit any architectural style.

Key Features
  • Frame made from aluminium 
  • Anti-Drip Profile: For retention of rain water spray 
  • Anti-Drip System: For lateral rain water retention
  • Hood: Protective covering for retracted fabric
  • Motorised: System operated by Motor
  • Remote Control: The ability for the Motor to be controlled by remote


  • Ceiling Mount: Can be mounted to the ceiling
  • Faux Ceiling: A second decorative fabric that hangs below the roofing fabric to add atmosphere to the space below
  • Flat: When the retractable part of the system is installed flat/parallel to the ground
  • Front Beam: A beam that can be added to the front of a system
  • Gable: A fixed fabric portion used to enclose the angled gap on both sides of a pitched system when also using Stratus Screens
  • Integrated Lighting: A lighting system built into the intermediate tubes of the systems retractable roof mechanism
  • Pitched: Where the retractable part of the system is installed at an angle
  • Retractable Gutter: A gutter system that deploys and retracts with the front of the roofing mechanism to help control the flow of rainfall.
  • Stratus Screen: A specially designed Exterior Screen that can be integrated into most Pergotenda systems.
  • Trapezoidal Fabric (Flat Versions Only): Trapezoidal Fabric installed to create an angle to control the flow of rainfall on flat systems. Cannot be used on pitched systems.
  • Underside Drip Collection Rim – Helps to channel water on the underside of the roof canopy to the gutter. Flat versions only.
  • Wall Mount: The ability to be mounted to a wall.
Scope of Use
  • Maximum size: 1300 x 685cm
  • Wall or ceiling mounting, flat or pitched
  • Lighting options available
  • Please see Data Sheet for wind resistance
Millenium Data Sheet
Pergotenda by Corradi
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