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3mm Aluminium Cassette Cladding System

Cassette Cladding is a drained and ventilated aluminium cavity cladding system comprising robust 'first fix' support mechanisms and 'second fix' facing panels.  It is designed for use as an exterior wall cladding or soffit lining.

Solid non-combustible components make up the complete panel and support frame mechanism of Cassette Cladding.  Large panels surface finished with coil coating, anodising or powder-coating are available.

Simple design guidance shows how Cassette Cladding can be incorporated on commercial and residential applications of medium or high density. Design principles remain consistent.

Safe methods to quickly fabricate and install panels follows the safety designed into Cassette Cladding to first ensure fire, structural, weathertight and durable performance.

Key Features
  • Each panel's insertion or removal is independent of other panels — allowing various installation sequencing options during construction or thereafter (bottom to top of building, top to bottom or random)
  • A wide range of colour options are available for facing panels.  The same colour range applies to the joints between panels.
  • Facing panels can be pre-finished, anodised or powder-coated. Powder-coated facing panels are available in small quantities with short lead times compared to the other options
  • The complete cladding system is 87mm thick with nominally 24mm joints between panels
  • No joint sealant
  • Maximum panel sizes are 5000mm x 1500mm with no colour restriction
  • Installation can commence as soon as the buildings air barrier is installed and before or after window frames are in place
  • Easy to install — simple installations can also be done by general building contractors
  • The system's correct installation is verifiable without destructive investigation
  • The Cassette Cladding panels are not limited to only 3mm solid aluminium
  • Fire protection management features are incorporated in the cladding design

The system is designed to provide advantages over traditional methods:

  • Reduce architectural design hours and building consent processing time by providing standardised design guidance and scope of use
  • Reduce on site construction time by being able to commence before window installation and before cladding materials are available
  • Measurably reduce on site installation hours
  • Less reliance on specialist cladding contractors
Aluminium Cladding
Scope of Use

The Cassette Cladding 3mm Aluminium system is suitable for use as a non load-bearing external wall cladding for buildings within the following scope:

  • Covering any structure that meets the structural ability to carry the system and withstand the wind pressures it is exposed to; up to 3.5kPa ULS
  • As a cladding where extended durability requirements are expected:
    • No joint sealants
    • Designed to achieve 50 year durability
  • Examples:
    • Walls
    • Fascias
    • Soffits
  • Building types:
    • Commercial:  Office buildings, factory warehouses
    • Residential: Apartment buildings, high density buildings, residential homes
Limitations on Use

The Cassette Cladding system has the following limitations:

  • Not suitable for non-vertical exposed surfaces; however suitable for sheltered horizontal surfaces like soffits.
  • Design dimension from the aluminium cover sheet to the wall underlay is nominally 85mm
  • Cassette panels must be rectangular or square and cannot be curved or tapered*
  • Fabrication of panel components must be done by approved Cassette Cladding fabrication partners
  • Installation of all components may take place by Cassette Cladding installation partners or general builders can install simple projects**
  • Fire performance for building up to 25m in height (Specific design and testing applies in excess of 25m)

*Where the above criteria are required from the buildings specific cladding design intent, the Cassette Cladding system can be joined to conventional cladding systems. **Work may have to be done under the supervision of a Licensed Building Practitioner — refer to the building consent and legislative requirements.  

  • Design and installation must be in accordance with Cassette Cladding Design and Installation Manual reference 2019-V1


  • Pre-finished — may have minimum order quantities with order lead times
  • Anodised or powder-coated — small orders available with minimal order lead times
Statement of Building Code Compliance

The Cassette Cladding 3mm Aluminium System is designed to meet the following requirements of the New Zealand Building Code:

  • B1 Structure: B1.3.1, B1.3.2 
  • B2 Durability: B2.3.1(b) PENDING
  • C Protection From Fire: C3.4(a), C3.5, C3.7
  • E2 External Moisture: E2.3.2, E2.3.3, E2.3.5
  • F2 Hazardous Building Materials: F2.3.1

Cassette Cladding are able to provide Design Certificates on a per project basis.

Other Performance Attributes

Warranty and Maintenance:

  • The standard warranty for the Cassette Cladding 3mm Aluminium System is 15 years
  • Maintenance of the system requires annual washing with water and a mild detergent to remove grime and salt deposits that may accumulate on it
Design and Installation Manual reference 2019-V1

Kaneba aim to be the most trusted provider of architectural cladding solutions in New Zealand.

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