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Woodform Curved Furniture Components

Woodform are a supplier of curved timber solutions.

WFD #1 process is a large scaled system of impregnation, atomisation of chemical to steam, roll-forming and drying to shape. This option offers a variety of total Steam Bending through to Steam chemical to maintain the consistency of shape

  • Design flexibility is limited to the drying jig systems available
  • Rapid batch system bending up to 300 components per hour dependant on species and profiles
  • Finished timber in linea machining allows for substantial monetary advantages
  • Tolerances of deflection 1mm
  • All species and all profiles of ea species have a different recipe to control bending perfection
  • Environmentally friendly impregnation

WFD #2 process free-forming used to stabilise free-standing furniture components.

This option is predominantly Steam Bending, however each Species and its profile requires a new recipe to allow plasticity

  • Lessor volume per hour however far greater accuracy. Generally laminating and bending is undertaken eg 2 x 21mm to make a 42mm thick chair leg or inner core fillers using rotary and or sliced veneers. Woodform's glueing system play a very important part in the drying requirements along with the end profile required. 
  • Free-formed componentry allow the initial core of timber to bend before jigging to a shape. This generally appropriate when smaller numbers are required.

WFD #3 process Bendywood

The process of wet timber and 6 way pressure, densifying the structure ready for it to bend

  • This is the plasticisation by way of steam and compression
  • Available in 4 species
  • Can be bent on site eg to handrail left to dry 24 hrs and joined 
  • A process when all else fails

WFD #4 process Cut from Solid

  • Generally the economics and to the perimeters of solid timber bending are restricted to 150-200mm radii
  • Laminating radii from 1.5mm dependant on the thickness off the 'laminates'
  • Cut from Solid lineal shaping, spindle, CNC, router, brusa dowel machine
  • This allows us to use a combination of systems, eg. lamination ist on very tight radii then cut and machine

WFD #5 Process Laminating

  • Interior Furniture Components..Panels using Veneers and Plys
  • Interior Solid Timber Components: using for stability and uniformity particularly on free-standing products
  • Exterior Solid Timber: Curved Beams, Curved Pergola's etc where radii are to tight for one pc
  • Laminating is done combined with other processes to achieve the finished product

Products that come with in this process:

  • Laminated beams
  • Curved pergolas
  • Curved decorative designs interior or exterior
  • Curved furniture components
  • Curved components for architectural purposes
  • Curved door glazing beads, curved MDF doors; furniture components

Woodform are acknowledged experts in bending and shaping wood, employing traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to turn the unique concepts of designers into reality.

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