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Woodform Acoustic & Decorative Panels

A variety of curved shapes; single radii; reverse radii; 600mm wide of curve x 1200mm long depending on shape.

Product made from solid timber slats and mounted on a Backing Ply again max 600 x 1200 depending on shape. This product can be designed (bespoke) using many components in many different ways.All product can have AB 35:50 Acoustic Blanket (black seen through the machined areas) glue-fixed to the inside curve. Mix of species and lattice layup provide many options for design flexibility.


  • Curved decorative panels
  • Curved acoustic panels
  • Curved diffusion panels
  • Curved solid timber panels
Key Features

Product core options

MDF substrate. Supplied to April 2013 Fire rating specs ISO 5660 Part 1 Heat Release & Part 2 Smoke production

  • MDF painted
  • MDF core with a veneer
  • MDF powder coated
  • PLY painted
  • PLY with or without 1x good face veneer
  • PLY powder coated
  • Solid timber slat panels: most species, most designs
  • Solid timber free-formed: upto 4.7m length
  • Decorative, Acoustic and used for Diffusion
  • Product can be machined on the CNC to suit dxf supplied
NZ Made
NZ Made
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
Interior Fire Rating 1S

Woodform are acknowledged experts in bending and shaping wood, employing traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to turn the unique concepts of designers into reality.

Product Enquiries

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