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FireGuard — Accordion Fire Door

Won-Door FireGuard is a horizontal sliding accordion fire door which sits concealed away inside a pocket cavity, closing automatically under an alarm activation. FireGuard is specified in openings under 12.192m wide and 3.657m tall, and is available in various integrity ratings up to FRL(-/120/-).

The concealed pocket offers architects a completely hidden fire separation solution for compartmentalising buildings, while still maintaining clear unimpeded sight-lines. Manufactured in America by Won-Door Corporation, FireGuard incorporates a steel twin walled design operating on twin top-hung tracks —  there are no floor tracks required. Opening up design capabilities for architects in areas such as lobbies, atriums, stairways and corridors. A compliant, reliable and completely hidden solution.

Key Features
  • Completely concealed solution — FireGuard is stored inside a pocket, out of sight until deployment
  • Assessed by BRANZ to AS1530.4-2005 for up to FRL(-/120/-)
  • Available in the classic Narrow Lead Post with pocket cover door by others, or as Flat Lead Post with integrated pocket cover door by Won-Door
  • No floor tracks or exposed hardware — offering clean and unimpeded sight lines
  • No access panels required
  • Recessed top tracks blending seamlessly into the surrounding environment.
  • The Pocket Cover Door can be designed by architect (to manufacturer's spec) to match the surrounding environment
  • Single Parting (stacks to one side) or Bi-Parting (stacking to both sides) options available to align with project requirements and pocket storage availability
  • Heights up to 3.657m tall, widths up to 12.192m
  • Egress available through the door via the push-to-open Fire Exit hardware (standard on all FireGuard)
  • Door can be reset after an alarm activation at the push of a button — no need to call a technician
  • Door is wired into the building's AC Power supply as well as having a back-up DC battery supply
  • Built in micro-processor continuously monitoring doors condition for faults
  • Option to specify security hardware or key switch operation for intertenancy separation
Scope of Use
  • Ideal for openings under 12.192m wide and 3.657m tall requiring a concealed and reliable fire separation solution
  • Ideal for maintaining egress and fire exit pathways with the push to open Fire Exit Hardware standard on FireGuard
  • Fire ratings up to FRL(-/120/-)
  • Heights up to 3.657m tall, widths up to 12.192m
  • Hanging weight of 27kg per m²
  • Pocket size:
    • Pocket Depth dependent on Clear Opening Width (refer Stack Depth Calculator)
    • Pocket Width: 460mm

FireGuard is typically specified for fire and smoke separation in:

  • Education facilities (schools/universities)
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Museums
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Public venues — airports, stadiums, auditoriums 
  • Commercial, mixed-use high rise

Specification Options

Lead Post Specification:

Must spec one of the below:

  • Narrow Lead Post: FireGuard comes with the classic style Narrow Lead Post and a timber pocket cover door 'by others' is required to conceal the Won-Door away
    • Timber Pocket cover door can be designed by an architect to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding environment
    • Requires the classic style 105 x 108mm Striker Channel recessed vertically up the far strike wall for door to terminate into
    • This spec offers supply package cost savings but requires slightly more work for the contractor
  • Flat Lead Post: FireGuard comes with a Flat Lead Post which forms an integrated steel pocket cover door, and provides reduced stacking depth.
    • No need for a timber pocket cover door 'by others'
    • Does not require the classic style Striker Channel up the strike wall and instead uses two smaller 60 x 38mm Striker Jambs fixed vertically onto the striker wall (can also be recessed)
    • Flat Lead Post comes in standard Platinum (silver) colour and does not blend in as seamlessly as the Narrow Lead Post spec wooden pocket cover door. Note: the integrated Flat Lead Post may be painted on site 'by others'

Track/Header Specification:

Must spec one of the below:

  • Wood Header by Contractor: Contractor prepares a plywood header lined in fire rated plasterboard. Won-Door fixes tracks to underside. This spec offers cost savings but does require more work for the contractor
  • Unitised Track System by Won-Door:  Patented Track System supplied by Won-Door which is supported via threaded rods to structure above. This spec has a minor cost loading but will save time and costs for the contractor

Optional Additions:

  • Key Switch for building occupant and facility management operation — recommended by manufacturer
  • Security and Access Control — FireGuard can be optioned for intertenancy and security closure (Refer L1 & L2 Access Control options in Specification Document)
  • Air Pressure Control — FireGuard shall be capable of resisting an air pressure differential up to 12 Pa. Optional air pressure resistance to 24 Pa (L1 Air Pressure Control) or 37 Pa (L2 Air Pressure Control) may be optioned
  • Infrared Light Beam to monitor doors path and sound an audible alarm if blocked
  • Remote operation and monitoring such as BMS or security office
  • LCD screen to show Door Status Display
  • Backlit Fire Exit Hardware for increased vantage in smoke and low light


  • The FireGuard door itself only comes in Platinum (silver) colour
  • Tracks come standard in white to tie in with ceiling environments — can be optioned in other colours
  • Striker Extrusion comes in Platinum (silver) colour — can be optioned in other colours
Limitations on Use
  • Maximum height of 3.657m 
  • Maximum width of 12.192m
  • Flat Lead Post option can only be supplied as Single Parting (no Bi-Part option)
  • Not suitable for external use or exposure to outside elements
  • Header to remain parallel with floor level within +/-3mm tolerance

Air Pressure Control — FireGuard shall be capable of resisting an air pressure differential up to 12 Pa. Optional air pressure resistance to 24 Pa (L1 Air Pressure Control) or 37 Pa (L2 Air Pressure Control) may be optioned.

Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Assessed by BRANZ to AS1530.4-2005 for up to FRL(-/120/-)

FireGuard models and UL labels available are FG30, FG60, FG90, FG180 (spec FG180 for 2 hour rating).

In-Service History

Won-Door are the world pioneer and market leader in accordion fire doors. Over the last 50 years Won-Door FireGuard has become a globally trusted solution for architects, fire engineers and code officials as it allows them to open up large spaces in buildings while still being able to safely compartmentalise and close these areas down in the event of fire. 

There are over a hundred thousand FireGuard installations around the globe in projects such as:

Local Projects:

  • Commercial Bay
  • University of Canterbury
  • Christchurch Justice Precinct
  • Lyttelton Port Waterfront House
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Charles Fergusson Tower
  • Porsche Christchurch
  • Northlands Mall
  • Taupo Hospital

International Projects:

  • The Pentagon
  • Empire State Building
  • LAX
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  • Harvard University
  • J.Paul Getty Museum
  • TWA Hotel — JFK International Airport
  • Amazon HQ
  • The Space Needle
Other Performance Attributes

All Won-Door FireGuard doors are:

  • Tested in accordance with U.L. 10B
  • Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) listed for up to 3-hours ('A' label)
  • Automatic closing system listed in accordance with U.L. 864
  • Meet all egress requirements for IBC Chapter 10 and NFPA Chapter 7
  • Won-Door’s egress is ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act)

FireGuard is manufactured and tested in America to the rigorous standards of Underwriters Laboratory, a third party global safety certification company who have been around for over a century. With offices in 46 countries around the world.

  • Won-Door Corporation, manufacturer of FireGuard, is required to execute 30,000 endurance cycle tests on the signalling portion of the controls for FireGuard.
  • Leading Edge is pressure sensitive such that contact with an obstruction shall cause the door to stop, pause for 3 seconds, then re-close when in alarm mode
  • Thermal Lockout Switch — if the ambient temperature on the other side of the door rises above 260deg celsius the Won-Door thermal lockout switch will be triggered preventing someone opening or moving through to an untenable environment
  • Closing speed of 223mm/s, with high speed options available. Note: Bi-Parting spec will half the closing time
  • Perimeter Seals shall consist of continuous extruded sweeps attached to the top and bottom of the fire door to form a smoke and draft seal
  • Each FireGuard comes with a built in microprocessor which sends and receives signals from the fire control panel and constantly monitors the doors condition for faults, including:
    • Continuously monitoring AC & DC power sources for missing, faulty or low supply
    • Detect if a charging circuit is bad or fuses have failed
    • Monitor the health of the drive chain 
    • Monitor faults and inputs associated with Door Block, Fire Exit Hardware, and Key Switches
    • Run a 'watchdog' monitoring circuit which will force a software restart in the event the software hangs and record any faults for diagnostic purposes
    • Indicate faults or supervised information both locally and at a remote location


  • Won-Door warranty provided under normal conditions of use against failure of materials and workmanship for a period of three years (must be installed by Won-Door technician)
  • As with all life safety products FireGuard should be maintained in strict accordance with Won-Door’s documented procedures and by a technician trained by the manufacturer. Won-Door New Zealand has fully trained FireGuard technicians and offers a full preventative maintenance programme on all installations throughout the country
Stack Depth Calculator
Specification: FireGuard Flat Lead Post
Specification: FireGuard Narrow Lead Post
FireGuard Brochure
FireGuard Interactive Brochure

Won-Door are manufacturers of Fire, Acoustic and non-Acoustic rated accordion folding partitions.

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