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Sheetrock Total Lite Joint Compound with Dust Control

Sheetrock Total Life Joint Compound with Dust Control is formulated to reduce airborne sanding dust. It binds fine residue during sanding to form heavier particles that drop to the floor instead of clouding the air, and informs a cleaner job environment.

The compound weighs 30% less than conventional compounds and requires only two coats over metal, such as paper-faced corner beads and fasteners. It bonds like a taping product for a tough, tight bond under most job conditions and combines all-purpose, single-package convenience with optimum taping and topping performance.

Key Features
  • Dust-control formulation substantially reduces airborne dust (independently verified with Worker Industrial Hygiene Testing)
  • Great for remodelling projects
  • Weighs up to 35% less than conventional compounds
  • Low shrinkage – requires only two coats over metal
  • Sands with the ease of a topping compound; bonds like a taping compound
  • Sheetrock lightweight all purpose joint compound with dust control creates less airborne dust when sanded to provide a cleaner job environment
  • Good crack resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Usually requires just two coats over metal, such as corner beads and fasteners - saving time and money
  • Coverage is approximately 9.4 gal. per 1,000 ft.2 (38.3 L/100 m2 ) of gypsum panels
  • Available as 17L and 4L pails
Scope of Use

Sheetrock lightweight all purpose joint compound with dust control is compatible with all other USG joint compounds, so it can be used just for the joint finishing coats that will be sanded. For example, use Sheetrock all purpose joint compound for the taping coat and Sheetrock lightweight all purpose joint compound with dust control for the finishing coats.

Limitations on Use

Before using any epoxy coating over a surface treated with joint compound, consult the epoxy coating manufacturer and follow manufacturer recommendations for preparation or suitability of substrates. Many epoxy coatings exert significant shear stress on the substrate while curing/drying, which can cause the joint compound bond to fail, resulting in delamination problems.

Protect container from freezing, exposure to extreme heat and direct sunlight.

Additional Information

USG Boral manufacture and supply plasterboard systems, membrane roof boards, steel partitions and suspended ceilings.

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