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Fiberock Panels are a unique, gypsum fibre product that includes a water-resistant core for supreme durability and superior performance. Easy to cut and install, these panels are highly desirable and durable in wet and dry environments alike.

Fiberock linings can be used in ceiling applications as well as interior walls, including exterior areas protected from direct exposure to rain such as alfresco dining, verandas, carports, soffits or eaves that are horizontal or incline down away from the building.

Key Features
  • Three product thicknesses for uniformity with other USG Boral Plasterboard systems
  • Exceptional impact resistance; at least as strong as 9mm Fibre cement and twice the strength of same thickness regular core plasterboard
  • Screws, nails, glues, staples and joints easily to provide monolithic finishes
  • Two way fire rated systems up to 60 minutes (single layer) and 120 minutes (2 layers)
  • High mass gives superior noise control, including inter-tenancy rated systems
  • Excellent substrate for paint and tiles, and a number of abrasion resistant coatings
  • Many fixtures can be attached without the need to screw into stud or nogs
  • No paper face to scratch, tear or delaminate
Scope of Use

Fiberock Aqua-Tough board is suitable for use in all commercial and residential situations provided that its specification and installation is in accordance with USG Boral Plasterboard Installation Manual – NZ.

Where Fiberock Aqua-Tough is to provide bracing to the building, it must be installed in accordance with USG Boral Plasterboard Bracing Manual - NZ.

It is suitable for installation on framed walls and ceilings, where the building design falls within the design scope of NZS3604, or AS/NZ1170.

Where Fiberock Aqua-Tough board is to be installed in an existing building, the installer must assure themselves that the framing and existing building are suitable for the proposed building work.

Limitations on Use

The specification of Fiberock Aqua-Tough Board must be in accordance with USG Boral information.

It must be specified by an LBP, able to provide a design memorandum to the relevant Building Consent Authority (BCA), if RBW provisions apply.

Installation must be undertaken by or supervised by an LBP (carpentry license).

If RBW provisions apply, this same LBP must complete the RBW memorandum.

Fiberock Aqua-Tough Board should not be exposed to sustained temperatures exceeding 42°C or continuous moisture.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Fiberock Aqua-Tough complies with the following performance criteria of the NZ Building Code:

  • B1.3.1. Evidence: In respect of building element.
  • B1.3.2 and B1.3.3 (a, b, c, f, j, l, o, r). Evidence: Manufactured in accordance with ASTM C473.
  • B2.3.1 (a) and B2.3.2 (a, b, c, e). Evidence: USG and Boral have a combined plasterboard manufacturing experience in excess of 145 years. During this time USG Boral have supplied plasterboard along with plasterboard wall and ceiling systems for use within the residential and commercial sectors.
  • C3.4 (a). Evidence: Material Group No 1-S. BRANZ assessment FH5774.
  • F.2.3.1. Evidence: Manufactured in accordance with ASTMC473.

When installed Fiberock Aqua-Tough will contribute to compliance with the following performance criteria of the NZ Building Code:

  • B1: Evidence: TBA
  • B2.3.1 (a) and B2.3.2. Evidence: In service history.
  • C6.2. Evidence: CSIRO & BRANZ Tests and Assessments.
  • G6.3.1. Evidence: RT&A TE405-05F02
  • E3.3.1, E2.3.2. Evidence: ASTM D3273.



B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
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Interior Fire Rating 1S
Brace+ Installation Manual
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USG Boral Plasterboard Wet Area Systems Manual
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