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Tranquillity New Zealand Ltd has been providing the domestic and commercial markets in New Zealand and Australia with premium quality bathroom and heating products for over ten years.

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Blade Carbon Infrared Heater

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Veito-B & Veito-S


The innovative and stylish Blade carbon infrared heater has a modern slim line design and can be controlled from a long distance and wide course with a periscopic remote control.

Blade heaters are made using the latest carbon fibre technology and the heating capacity can be set to four different levels (900-2000 watts) to maintain an even heat distribution, thus eliminating annoying hot and cold cycles.

Key Features

  • Beautifully designed, wall and ceiling mounted heater for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Periscopic remote control - can be controlled from a long distance and wide course
  • Automatic temperature control regulates power consumption based on your set temperature and eliminates annoying hot and cold cycles
  • Each and every part of the heater has been carefully designed to provide strong and long life performance
  • All Veito Blade heaters have the same frequency, so it is possible to control several heaters with just one remote
  • These heaters are metal bodied, robust, hard wearing, have long lasting heating elements (10,000 hours) and start to heat within seconds of being switched on.

Scope of Use

Available in black and silver, these heaters can be mounted horizontally or vertically, suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a stand.

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Keep Warm with Outdoor Heaters from Tranquillity

October 2016

Blade Carbon Infrared Heaters are carefully designed to provide strong, long life performance both indoors and outdoors.

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