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Country Brick

Premier Brick Country bricks are designed and manufactured for use as a masonry brick veneer.

The brick is manufactured from the highest quality cement, aggregates and sand. High quality additives are also used to further enhance strength and durability.

  • Size: 290W x 145H x 70D 
  • 22 bricks per m²
  • 10.2 m2 per pallet
  • 224 bricks per pallet
Key Features
  • Fine Sandstone textured face
  • Straight and true dimensions
  • Colour right through
  • Consistent texture
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Unique size
  • Available in either Straight Edge or Rumbled Edge (aged look)
  • Colours in stock: White, Soapstone, Ash, Iron Stone, Charcoal, Charcoal Blend, Charcoal Special Blend (Charcoal and Iron Stone available in Straight Edge only)
  • 17 more designer colours available in Country Brick only
NZ Made
NZ Made
Scope of Use
  • Brick Veneer
  • House cladding
  • Entire house
  • In patterns
  • Window sills
  • Feature walls
  • Formal areas
  • Fireplaces
  • Front door entry
  • Hallways
  • Pillars
  • Fences and walls
Limitations on Use
  • The maximum height for a single storey veneer is 4m from the foundation. At a gable wall or pier, the maximum height may extend to 5.5m.
  • Maximum veneer height of 7.0m for two storey construction straight vertical panels and 9.0m to the apex of a gable or a pier as defined in Brick Manual
  • The supporting structure may be timber framing to NZS3604 with a maximum stud spacing of 400mm for 2 storey and stack bonding systems, up to 600mm for single storey, or concrete block or concrete precast in accordance with NZS4229
  • Any cladding application requiring specific design by a qualified structural engineer
  • Gable end trusses are not to be used with the stack-bonded brick veneer and 2 storey brick veneer system. Full framing required
  • Unless otherwise stated, all aspects regarding the installation of the brick veneer will conform to the requirements of NZS 3604, NZS 4229 and NZS 4210
  • A veneer thickness of 70mm with an addition of up to a 10mm thick plaster coating if specified
  • A maximum veneer weight (including plaster if specified) of up to 180kg/m²
  • Maximum size of brick unit height to length ratio of 0.7
  • Situated in NZS 3604 wind zones up to and including 'Extra High'
  • Dwelling to be situated within earthquake zones 1-3 in accordance with NZS 3604
NZS 3604 Wind Zone Extra High suitable
Extra High Wind Zone
Statement of Building Code Compliance

All Relevant NZ Standards shall apply in their latest revisions for all items not covered by this 'Specific Design'. The following documents are of particular relevance:

  • NZS 4210 Materials and workmanship
  • NZS 4229 Masonry buildings not requiring Specific Design
  • NZSHB 4236 All standards relating to masonry veneers — summary

 Conditional upon the Premier brick veneer being installed in accordance with this specification, the following provisions of the NZ Building Code must also be met.

  • B1 Structure
  • B2 Durability
  • C3 Spread of Fire
  • E2 External Moisture
  • F2 Hazardous Building Materials
In-Service History

Premier Brick has served the market since 1985.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Great thermal properties
  • Great acoustic properties
  • Highly durable
  • Inflammable

See Brick Manual for detailed Light Reflectance Values (LRV). LRV Tests have been completed by Premier Group internally and have not been tested by a third party.

Premier Group holds no liability to changes in LRV over time due to weathering and/or curing. Premier Bricks are manufactured from natural resources/aggregates which can vary in colour and contribute a large part to the final colour of the Premier Bricks. Premier Group has little control over the raw materials and therefore the LRVs can vary from batch to batch. Premier Group continuously improves the mix designs and raw materials for the Premier Bricks.


Premier Group warrants the Country a period of 50 years from the date of purchase. Please contact Premier Group for the warranty information.

Brick veneer is a cladding, correctly installed brick veneer cladding requires little in the way of maintenance over a long period of time. However, if one follows the simple procedures, the performance of the veneer as a cladding and its appearance will ensure it meets all requirements. (see Brick Manual for detailed maintenance information)

Technical Manual


Data Sheet: Premier House Bricks
Test Results: LRV
Producer Statement: PG-B1 General Specification


Producer Statement: PG-B2 Stack-Bonding


Producer Statement: PG-B3 Two Storey Veneers


Colour Range
Order Samples


CAD/PDF Details
PHB Standard Brick Veneer

PHB 001

PHB Standard Internal Corner

PHB 002

PHB Standard External Corner

PHB 003

PHB Flat Soffit

PHB 004

PHB Flat Soffit with Brick Mold

PHB 005

PHB Concrete Slab & Foundation: Option 1 Min. Required

PHB 006

PHB Concrete Slab & Foundation: Option 1 Standard Detail

PHB 007

PHB Overhanging Brick Veneer

PHB 008

PHB Plastering of Concrete Base

PHB 009

PHB Brick Veneer Below Ground

PHB 010

PHB Plinth Base

PHB 011

PHB Typical Wall Section

PHB 012

PHB Brick Veneer on Concrete

PHB 013

PHB Alternative Cavity Solution: Cavity <40mm

PHB 014

PHB Alternative Cavity Solution: Cavity >75mm

PHB 015

PHB Deep Reveal Jamb: Double Stud Framing

PHB 016

PHB Deep Reveal Jamb: Using Packer

PHB 017

PHB Double Sided Brick: External Walls Concrete Floor

PHB 018

PHB Double Sided Brick: Internal Walls Concrete Floor

PHB 019

PHB Timber Floor: Option 1 Single Level

PHB 020

PHB Timber Floor: Option 2 Single Level

PHB 021

PHB Two Storey: Option 1 Ground Floor Veneer

PHB 022

PHB Two Storey: Option 2 Ground Floor Veneer

PHB 023

PHB Timber Floor: Mid-Floor 250 Bond Beam

PHB 024

PHB Internal Gutter / Brick on Shelf Angle

PHB 025

PHB Window Head: Aluminium

PHB 026

PHB Window Head: Timber

PHB 027

PHB Window Head: Aluminium Alt. Cladding Above

PHB 028

PHB Window Lintel: Concrete/Stone Lintel

PHB 029

PHB Bay Window Head

PHB 030

PHB Greenhouse Window

PHB 031

PHB Window Head: Full Soldier Course

PHB 032

PHB Replacing 90mm Veneer with 70mm

PHB 033

PHB Cover Jamb Flashing

PHB 034

PHB Window Jamb: Aluminium

PHB 035

PHB Window Jamb: Timber

PHB 036

PHB Window Sill: Aluminium

PHB 037

PHB Window Sill: Timber

PHB 038

PHB: Door Jamb: Aluminium

PHB 039

PHB Brick Door Sill

PHB 040

PHB Negative Soffit

PHB 041

PHB Weatherboard to Brick: 90° Internal Corner

PHB 042

PHB Weatherboard to Brick: Parallel Junction

PHB 043

PHB Sloping Parapet

PHB 044

PHB Sloping Membrane Roof

PHB 045

PHB Pergola Fixing

PHB 046

PHB Brick Columns Between Joinery: Internal/External Feature

PHB 047

PHB Reinforced Concrete / Concrete Block Column

PHB 048

PHB Large Width Lintel: UB

PHB 049

PHB Large With Lintel: Channel

PHB 050

PHB Head of Arch: Using Formwork

PHB 051

PHB Head of Arch: Brick Veneer using Angle

PHB 052

PHB Head of Arch: Double Veneer using Formwork

PHB 053

PHB Veneer Over Openings: Using Shelf Angles

PHB 054

PHB Deck Connection: Option 1 Using H Bracket

PHB 055

PHB Deck Connection: Option 2 Shelf Angle

PHB 056

PHB Deck Connection: Option 3 Using Plates & Bolts

PHB 057

PHB Attaching Lightweight Structures to Veneer

PHB 058

PHB Parapet: External Veneer

PHB 059

PHB Parapet Detail: Full Brick/Double Cavity/Shelf Angle

PHB 060

PHB Parapet: Metal Capping

PHB 061

PHB Concrete Mid-Floor

PHB 062

PHB Wall at Side of Roof Slope: Secret Gutter Option

PHB 063

PHB Wall at Side of Roof Slope: Flashing Option

PHB 064

PHB Meter Box Head

PHB 065

PHB Meter Box Sill

PHB 066

PHB Typical Pipe Penetration

PHB 067

PHB Shelf Angle Under Window (Concrete Tile Only)

PHB 068

PHB Top of Roof Slope

PHB 069

PHB Top of Roof Slope: Timber Support

PHB 070

PHB Wall at Side of Roof: Secret Gutter — Timber Support

PHB 071

PHB Enclosed Deck

PHB 072

PHB Base of Sloping Shelf Angle: Small Stop End

PHB 073

PHB Flat Soffit & 150mm Frieze Board

PHB 074

PHB Cavity Wall

PHB 075

PHB Cavity Wall: High Wind Area

PHB 076

PHB Single Wall Foundation

PHB 077

PHB Typical Gate Post

PHB 078

PHB Brick Column: Timber Post

PHB 079

PHB Brick Column: Steel Post

PHB 080

PHB Brick Column: Concrete Block Column

PHB 081

PHB Brick Column: Timber Pile

PHB 082

PHB Single Wall: Capping Options

PHB 083

PHB Cavity Wall: Capping Options

PHB 084

PHB Suggested Wall Plan Layouts

PHB 085

PHB Bonding Patterns

PHB 086

PHB Mortar Joints

PHB 087

PHB Minimum Circle

PHB 088

PHB Flat Segmental Circle

PHB 089

PHB Piers & Returns: Brick Veneer Openings & Arches

PHB 090

PHB Soldier Courses

PHB 091

PHB Corbelling

PHB 092

PHB Quoining: Corner Detail

PHB 093

PHB Dog Toothing

PHB 094

PHB Galvanised Steel Lintels

PHB 095

PHB Window Sill Options

PHB 096

PHB Curve Formula

PHB 097

PHB Arch Formula

PHB 098

PHB Arch Formula: Tappered Bricks

PHB 099

PHB Block Retaining Wall

PHB 100

PHB Timber Retaining Wall

PHB 101

PHB Planter Box

PHB 102

PHB Brick Edging

PHB 103

Premier brick, paving, stone and landscaping solutions for New Zealand and Australia.

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