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Outright Continuous Insulation

Outright Continuous Insulation provides high performance insulation boards for building enclosures.

Rockwool (1)

ROCKWOOL Stone wool insulation is a world renowned insulation product, providing levels of performance that enhance your building's performance - thermal, acoustic or sound protection and non-combustible fire characteristics.

In the roof, where it is important when it comes to improving the cooling and energy efficiency of your building, it delivers these multiple benefits for the many varieties of flat roofs and pitch roofs. A pitch roof in many cases accounts for up to 50 percent of the building envelope.

Our insulation also helps slow down the spread of fire, thereby giving extra time for evacuation and rescue operation. Insulating a roof is an effective way to minimise heat loss and reduce heating bills.

Insulation solutions for exterior wall systems cover a range of cladding over the building envelope including external façades, masonry cavity walls, and metal frame constructions.

While these exterior applications are aimed primarily at "Outsulation" to cover the building envelope with a thermal layer, we also have Interior Wall applications to enhance the well being of the occupiers: class leading acoustic or sound protection with good thermal values also.

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