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Plant Platforms

The Monkey Toe Mesh Platform system ensures the simple, effective installation of either a series of condenser units, large air handling units or other heavy pieces of rooftop equipment. Platforms can support up to 6000kg while eliminating the need for large structural penetrations through the roofing pan. All loads are transferred directly back to the building structure but through the Monkey Toe fixing details. 

A lighter skeletal option is available where service platforms are not required. Handrails, louvres and pipes can be simply fitted to the Monkey Toe Platform system.

Key Features
  • Reduce the weight by 75% over structural systems
  • Eliminate penetrations through the pan of the roof
  • Skeletal and mesh options available
  • Weight of only 12kg per square metre of deck (varies)
  • Totally modular assembly
  • Fabricated from marine grade aluminium
Scope of Use

Mesh Plant Platforms: A modular system ranging in size from a minimum of 710mm wide (down roof) x 1200mm long (across roof) upwards. The supporting trusses are designed and fabricated to suit the roof pitch, purlin centres and weight carrying capacities. Full-service areas around equipment are provided to eliminate H&S or roof maintenance issues.

Skeletal Plant Platforms: Skeletal platforms provide support for equipment weighing from 300-6000kg where no service area is required. They are fast and simple to install while being super lightweight. Walkways can be incorporated to provide service areas on the sides of the equipment.

Handrail Additions: Handrails can be added to any MonkeyToe Mesh Platform where it is greater than 300mm above the roof as required by AS/NZS1657. Handrails are the standard, modular MonkeyToe system which are 1100mm above the deck and include kick, knee and top rail.

Louvre Supports: Louvre supports can be fabricated and added to any MonkeyToe Platform using specialised extrusions. Standard louvre systems can be simply fixed to the supports using M10 sliding nuts (no on-site drilling). Side stanchions are bolted into the platform trusses while front stanchions are fabricated as part of the truss.

Mesh Screens: Monkey Toe provides a full range of mesh screening to platforms. Screens can be perforated aluminium, composite materials or sound baffles depending on the project requirements.

In-Service History

Products are used nationwide by many high profile companies. Case studies can be viewed on the Monkey Toe Group website.

Product Assurance
Data Sheet: Mesh Platforms
Data Sheet: Skeletal Platforms

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