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Motorway Noisewall Barriers

Litecrete noisewall barrier panels reduce the sound level by shielding the straight line path of noise from the source to receiver. The received noise level is significantly reduced due to the shielding effect.

Key Features
  • Litecrete noisewall barrier panels have many advantages over competing materials which can deteriorate, delaminate, lose strength, deflect and may not be able to withstand vehicular impacts.
  • Installing Litecrete noisewall barrier panels is easy. Lifting eyes are set in the top edge of the panels during the casting process and once delivered to the construction site the panels are lifted up and slotted into the galvanised steel supports.
  • Panels may be coloured by using integral colour pigments or by staining once the panels are installed.
  • Textures or designs can be economically created on the traffic side or the residential side of the panels using rubber formliners.
  • Litecrete is fire resistant, non-toxic, mould and mildew resistant.
Scope of Use

Using modelling software, acoustic engineers can determine the optimum height, length and placement of Litecrete panels to effectively minimise noise levels.

Typically 150mm thick, Litecrete has been approved and used for as noisewall barriers by Transit NZ. 

Limitations on Use

Like other man-made noisewall systems Litecrete panels should be treated with a graffiti-resistant coating after the panels have been installed and prior to public access availability. 

In-Service History

Litecrete (NZ) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilco Precast Ltd, Papakura, a premier precast concrete manufacturer, which has been manufacturing precast concrete for over 50 years. 

Technical Brochure
Acoustic Design Brochure
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Litecrete is a lightweight precast concrete system which can be used for commercial and residential construction.

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