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Seamless Flooring Systems: Timber on Concrete

The Gilt Edge Seamless Flooring System for Timber Flooring is a fully integrated system for the installation of timber floor coverings over a prepared concrete substrate. Incorporated is a substrate moisture control system, substrate levelling correction systems, and high performance adhesives, combined to provide fully warrantied contract commercial installations.

Key Features
  • Substrate moisture control — Using either Bostik Moisture Seal or Selleys VBS Vapour Moisture barrier allows floor-coverings to be installed over a new/green substrate with a higher than normal relative humidity (RH%)
  • High Performance substrate priming system that is water-based without solvents/odours
  • High Performance substrate correction — self levelling compounds that provide a high level of finished surface with high MPA ratings
  • Dependable industry leading flooring adhesive technology that is fully compliant with the latest emissions and sustainability requirements
Homestar / Green Star (Envirospec) Compliant
Homestar / Green Star
Scope of Use
  • Gilt Edge Seamless Flooring Systems are applicable to all Residential and Commercial Timber flooring installations on a concrete substrate
  • Not all products may be necessary depending on the condition of the base substrate
  • Please refer to a Gilt Edge Industries Ltd technical representative for detailed guidance on applicable adhesive types



Limitations on Use
  • This system is not intended for use
    • On substrates without an industry standard below slab damp-proof membrane
    • In situations where the below slab damp-proof membrane has been compromised
    • On substrates with relative humidity greater than 75%
    • In situations exposed to hydro-static pressure
  • Base substrates are to be of sound form/condition free of any structural delamination
  • Not recommended for areas subject to very high point loading e.g. loaded pallet trolleys/hoists
  • Substrate repair compounds are designed for use below floor-coverings and not intended for long periods of uncovered exposure
In-Service History

Gilt Edge Industries Ltd have been a key supplier to the New Zealand flooring industry for nearly 50 years.

Gilt Edge Seamless Flooring Systems are developed and distributed by Gilt Edge Industries Ltd nationwide, and have been specified for construction projects throughout New Zealand over the past 10 years.

Other Performance Attributes


A service warranty applies covering total system installations when installed as per all manufacturer technical data sheets, technical guidelines, and specifications.

Green Star

All Seamless System Components comply with The Green Star NZ V3 Technical manual, requiring that VOC emissions can be demonstrated through the provision of test results showing compliance to a recognised Ecolabel or a recognised Indoor Air Quality Scheme.

Specification Clause (Masterspec)
Data Sheet: Bostik UltraSet SF
Data Sheet: Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick
Data Sheet: Selleys Liquid Nails VBS
Data Sheet: Uzin NC170
Gilt Edge on Masterspec
Installation Example

Gilt Edge Architectural partner with Architects and Specifiers nationally, to deliver trusted technical advice, and Seamless Flooring Systems Masterspec PartnerNet Specification writing assistance.

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