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Giltgrip Ecoglo Stair Nosing

The Gilt grip Ecoglo Stair Nosing Photoluminescent Step Edge Contrast insert is designed to ensure visibility of steps in escape routes to meet NZBC Clause F6 (Visibility in Escape Routes). The Step Edge contrast will be effective in all light conditions including failure of the main lighting.

Ecoglo reduces slips and falls as the step edgings have high visibility in all light conditions as well as providing an anti-slip surface.

Key Features
  • Utilises ambient light
  • Operates instantly when power fails
  • Extremely durable — warranted for 30 years indoors and 15 years outdoors
  • Anti-slip Properties: AS/NZS 4586-2004 Classification: FV
  • Compliance: NZ Building Code (NZBC) Clause F6
Scope of Use
  • The Step Edge Contrast is suitable for use indoors and outdoors
  • Outdoor or day-lit installations will absorb enough natural light to be visible throughout the longest winter night
  • The anti-slip material provides all weather protection from slips and falls
Statement of Building Code Compliance

F6 Visibility in Escape Routes:

  • The photoluminescent (PL) Step Edge Contrast of Giltgrip Ecoglo Stair Nosings has sufficient brightness to be used outdoors (24/7 all year round) and meet NZ Building Code Clause F6.
  • Internal fit outs also comply with F6 once the site environment is quantified. The PL insert used in the Giltgrip profle will not drop below a luminance level of 5mcd/m2  (or millicandela per m²) 5mcd/m² is internationally accepted as a suitable minimum brightness (luminance) for PL strips in escape and access routes.

D1 Access & Slip Resistance: 

  • D1 Compliance: Step Edge Contrast. Visual contrast provided on the edge of a step is an important consideration and different jurisdictions have different approaches to contrast and varying code requirements. Ecoglo tailors each solution to fit the code requirements in the particular jurisdiction of the facility.
  • NZBC Clause D1.3.3 (g) states that Access Routes shall have stair treads with a leading edge than can be easily seen. Although there is no specific standard for step edge contrast, it is generally accepted that the contrast between the step and step edge should be at least 30%.
  • AS1428.1 (2009) addresses step edge contrast in more detail in the following clauses:
    • (f) At the nosing, each tread shall have a strip not less than 50mm and not more than 75mm across the full width of the path of travel. The strip may be set back a maximum of 15mm from the front of the nosing. The strip shall have a minimum luminance contrast of 30% to the background. Where the luminous contrasting strip is affixed to the surface of the tread, any change in level shall comply with Clause 7.2 and Clause 7.3.
    • (g) Where the luminance contrasting strip is not set back from the front of the nosing then any area of luminance contrast shall not extend down the riser more than 10mm.
  • NZBC Clause D1.3.3 (d) states that Access Routes shall have adequate slip-resistant walking surfaces under all conditions of normal use.
    Slip Resistance Testing: Ecoglo step edge products have a slip-resistance classification of V under AS/NZ 4586-2004, which is equivalent to slip-resistance classification P5 under AS4586–2013, with P5 being the highest achievable level of slip-resistance.

B2 Durability: 

  • Products which conform to Clauses F6 are also required to meet Clause B2.3.1: for 15 years if they are easy to access and replace, but failure would go undetected during normal use of the building (but be easily detected during normal maintenance)
  • Testing has shown that Ecoglo products will meet this requirement, therefore there is no need for ongoing luminance testing.
In-Service History

Giltgrip Ecoglo Stair Nosings encorporate world class photoluminescent insert technology with the trusted Gilt Edge Gradus Stair Nosing brand.

Established in 1997, Ecoglo International is a New Zealand owned company with its head office and manufacturing plant located in Christchurch. Ecoglo’s patented products have been used worldwide in facilities as varied as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, New York's Jazz at Lincoln Center, Singapore Supreme Court, Toronto's Eaton Centre, London’s Bond St Underground Station and Dubai's 160 floor Burj Khalifa.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Warranty:
    • 30 years indoors
    • 15 years outdoors
  • Anti-Slip Properties: AS/NZS 4586-2004 Classiffcation: FV
  • Slip Resistance Testing: Ecoglo step edge products have a slip-resistance classification of V under AS/NZ 4586-2004, which is equivalent to slip-resistance classification P5 under AS4586–2013, with P5 being the highest achievable level of slip-resistance
  • UV Resistance: Loss of luminance after 1000 hrs ASTM G-155 Cycle 1 exposure: <10% — Pass
  • Salt Spray Resistance: ASTM B117— Pass
  • Washability: ASTM D4828 — Pass
  • Rate of Burning: ASTM D635 — Pass
  • Surface Flammability: ASTM E162 — Pass
  • Toxicity: BombardierToxic Gas GenerationTest SMP800-C — Pass
  • Radioactivity: ASTM D3648 — Pass
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