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Double Bond Commercial Underlay — Bettalay

For double-stick installation in commercial areas where staff and client comfort and extra luxury is needed. Giltgrip Bettalay is a SBR rubber sponge underlay designed for Double Bond installation.  It is produced in a continuous sheet with square trimmed edges.

The double-stick system means rapid installation with no rucking or stretching of carpet, with an up-to 50% increase in carpet life compared with conventional or direct-stick methods.  Bettalay is anti-microbial and anti-allergenic.

  • Thickness: 6.5mm
  • Weight: 1500g/m²
  • Roll Size: 1.78m x 10.1m
Key Features
  • Ease of installation
  • No need to re stretch carpet over time
  • Lower wear as a result of less carpet deformation gives much improved lifetime cost of installation
  • Superior texture retention
  • Eliminates seam peaking in Axminsters (and other carpets)
  • Lends well to custom bordering and design work
  • Quieter: approximate 40dB FIIC rating improvement over the bare slab performance
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for commercial applications such as restaurants, offices, education, hotels, healthcare, Government buildings, and entertainment facilities

Please refer to a Gilt Edge Industries Ltd technical representative for detailed guidance on applicable underlay types.

Limitations on Use
  • This system is not intended for:
    • Use on concrete substrates without an industry standard below slab damp-proof membrane
    • In situations where the below slab damp-proof membrane has been compromised
    • Substrates with RH greater than 75%
    • Situations exposed to hydro-static pressure 
  • Base substrates are to be of sound form/condition free of any structural delamination
  • Not recommended for areas subject to very high point loading e.g. loaded pallet trolleys/hoists



Underfloor Heating -  refer to supplier for specific


Statement of Building Code Compliance

Independently tested and certified to standard AS4288-2003 Soft Underlays for Textile Flooring. 

Fire Rating:

Bettalay SBR Latex in assessment of Critical Flux Radius and Smoke development Rate as tested by CSIRO in 2013 in their report #923.

Results: SBR Latex Underlay as per conditions specified I the test report will satisfy Performance Requirement CP4 of BCA 2013.


  • Norman Disney and Young 2017 File #:  a92768\003\J-\21\ca171127a0011

The NZBC calls for the IIC rating between inter-tenancy floor-ceiling constructions to be a minimum standard of 55 when tested in the laboratory situation. The code then makes and allowance of 5 dB or 5 IIC points for the same construction when tested in situ, i.e. FIIC 50.

To determine the impact insulation performance of the underlay product, the performance of the product was assessed against the performance of the bare slab. In result, the installation of both underlay products provided an additional approximate 40dB FIIC rating improvement over the bare slab performance.

Emissions Test Certificate:

CETEC: Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label test program incorporating ASTM D5116 “Standard Guide for Small -Scale Environmental Chamber

Determinations of Organic Emissions from Indoor Material/Products”.

Passes Institute Green Label Specification.

In-Service History

Gilt Edge Industries Ltd have been a key supplier to the NZ flooring industry for nearly 50 years.

Gilt Edge Seamless Flooring Systems and Underlays are developed and distributed by Gilt Edge Industries Ltd nationwide, and have been specified into construction projects throughout New Zealand over the past 10 years.

Other Performance Attributes
  • A service warranty covers total systems Installations, when installed as per all manufacturer technical data sheets, technical guidelines and specifications.
  • Site specific commercial fixed period warranties available on application


Gilt Edge Architectural is able to assist practices in developing Seamless Flooring Systems Specifications for projects. Gilt Edge develop Masterspec Specifications via four key Masterspec Specification Sections:

  • 3124GE Gilt Edge Concrete Cure, Hardener and Moisture Control
  • 6122GE Gilt Edge Floor Levelling Systems
  • 6614GE Gilt Edge Nosings, Transitions and Trims
  • 6511 Gilt Edge Industries Carpet Systems for Residential and Commercial Underlays and Adhesives
Data Sheet


Environmental Information
Gilt Edge on Masterspec


Gilt Edge Architectural partner with Architects and Specifiers nationally, to deliver trusted technical advice, and Seamless Flooring Systems Masterspec PartnerNet Specification writing assistance.

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