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Metal Range Heavy Panel Fastener — MC-05 & MC-10

The Fastmount metal clip is designed for demanding panel mounting applications that require fire protection and heavy load bearing. The metal clip can withstand high temperatures, and provides acoustic and vibration isolation.

This versatile metal clip can be used in conjunction with Fastmount's Standard Range clips. Made from EZDA 3 triple plated with a stainless steel spring.

Key Features
  • Metal clip to withstand high temperatures
  • Allows for tolerance and panel flex (self-centring)
  • Provides acoustic and vibration isolation
  • 5kg (MC-05) or 10kg (MC-10) pull-out load depending on female clip used
  • Self-tapping and screw fit mounting options
NZ Made
NZ Made
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use

Wall, ceiling, and exterior panel fastening for heavy duty applications and/or where fire protection is required. 

  • Provides acoustic and vibration isolation
  • Allows for tolerance and panel flex (self-centring)
  • 5kg pull-out load  (MC-F5)
  • 10kg pull-out load (MC-F10)
  • Self-tapping and screw fit mounting options


  • Fire rated panels
  • Panels in fire egress paths
  • Ceiling, wall and exterior panels
  • Mounting of curved panels


  • Use with MC-M5
  • Variety of substrates
Limitations on Use
  • See Installation Guide for full information
  • Refer to Clip Layout Guide TD-02, TD-09, TD-12 for clip spacing recommendations
  • Refer to Clip Selection Guide for suggested panel + substrate
In-Service History

Fastmount Panel Mounting Systems were developed for the high performance demands of the superyacht industry, and have been used in thousands of commercial and residential building projects in New Zealand and around the world since 2004.

Other Performance Attributes
  • 5kg (MC-05) or 10kg (MC-10) pull-out load depending on female clip used
  • Pull-out loads independently tested by SGS New Zealand
  • Fastmount has a two year limited warranty on all products
Clip Panel Matrix: PC/LP/VL/MC/SL
Installation Guide: MC-05, MC-10


Panel Offset Guide: PC/LP/VL/MC
Product Sheet: MC-05


Product Sheet: MC-10


Test Certificate: MC-05

NZ58565-01A 29/03/17

Test Certificate: MC-10

INZ58565-02 29/03/17

Installation and Operation
Clip Layout Guide: TD-02


Clip Layout Guide: TD-12


Product Catalogue Technical Guide


Maintenance Document
Warranty Information
Fastmount Clip Selection Guides

Architectural & Marine

Fastmount design and manufacture hidden panel mounting systems for interior panels, allowing architects and installers to re-think the panelling process.

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