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Architectural Home Ventilation System — MVHR (Balanced Pressure)

DVS EC Reclaim Balanced Heat Recovery (MVHR) offers a range of suitable ventilation systems for high end residential builds up to 300m² with a 2.4m ceiling height. With additional equipment the Reclaim (MVHR) system can be sized for larger buildings.


  • A range of control system solutions are available: Reclaim, Reclaim Plus, & Reclaim Connect
  • Humidity & Condensation control
  • Wireless CO2 monitoring, reduces CO2 when levels become unhealthy
  • Fresh filtered air introduced continuously 24/7
  • Reduces temperature loss, increasing comfort levelsRemoves VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from cleaning products & building materials
  • EC fan technology delivers cost effective operation
  • User-friendly fully automated control system
  • Easy installation & low maintenance requirements
  • Asset protection — reduces maintenance problems caused from moisture on paint, curtains & furnishings
  • Can be integrated into Ducted Air-Conditioning systems
  • Sustainability a dryer building is easier to heat thus reducing energy demand
Key Features
  • Up to 3 storeys, up to 300m² @ 2.4m ceiling height
  • Efficient heat recovery unit
  • Optional add-ons — solar gain, summer by-pass
  • Full design support from technical team for customised design solutions
  • Low carbon design delivers fresh, filtered air to air tight homes — removes pollen, dust
  • Range of designs & applications available
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 reactive control systems
  • EC fan technology, EC fans are highly energy efficient 
  • DVS systems New Zealand made
  • Systems from international manufacturers available for specific applications
NZ Made
NZ Made
Scope of Use

Typical applications are residential new and retrofit, retirement homes, educational facilities and situations where environmental noise is an issue.

  • DVS systems are designed for domestic non-commercial use
  • Up to 3 storeys with a footprint of 300m² @ 2.4m ceiling height
  • DVS systems are scalable for dwellings lager than 300m2
  • Suitable for all climate zones within New Zealand
  • Standalone housing, duplex terrace, low rise apartments 
  • DVS systems can be integrated into fully ducted air-conditioning systems
  • Acoustic Building Code Compliant Ventilation system design & PS1 certification available
  • Typical installation is in the roof space, which requires adequate height and space. Two external vents and a condensate drain are installed
Limitations on Use
  • Standard installation requires a roof cavity, however design options are available for homes without roof cavity. Please contact DVS for options
  • Must be installed by an accredited installer
  • Must be installed in accordance to installation & specifications guide
  • Not intended for commercial use
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Specific system design to meet NZ Building Code requirements is required to ensure adequate ventilation rates are achieved.

The Acceptable Solution to the NZBC Clause G4 Ventilation (G4/AS1) sets minimum ventilation requirements in houses. Where passive ventilation (e.g. windows which open) cannot be used to meet the requirements due to, for example, noise control issues, then a mechanical ventilation system utilising fresh air, such as the DVS EC Reclaim, is required.

Table 2 of NZS 4303:1990 states that the average supply ventilation rate for living areas is 0.35 air changes per hour, but not less than 7.5 litres/sec per person. Table B1 of AS/NZS 1668 Part 2 states that the extract ventilation rates for residential spaces are:

  • Kitchens: 50 litres/sec intermittent or 12 litres/sec continuous. Bathrooms and toilets: 25 litres/sec intermittent or 10 litres/sec continuous
  • Laundries: 25 litres/sec intermittent

Typical applications are residential new and retrofit, retirement homes, educational facilities and situations where environmental noise is an issue.

In-Service History

The Reclaim (MVHR) system has been in use since 2008 and has been installed in thousands of high end residential applications across New Zealand. 

Other Performance Attributes

System must be installed and set up to meet the requirements of NZ4303:1990 "Ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality", which requires a minimum ventilation rate for living areas of 0.35 air changes per hour. Design of inlet, outlet, controller and unit location and system set-up is project specific; contact DVS for specific design guidance. Maximum supply ventilation rate is 475m³/hr and maximum extract ventilation rate is 475m³/hr.

Control Systems

A number of Reclaim programmable control solutions are available to meet specific design or client needs. Temperature, temperature & humidity, temperature-humidity & COsensing. Each control system automatically controls the functions of the system.

Humidity sensitive control function constantly monitors humidity levels within the dwelling and in the air supply. Automatically adjusting to ensure only healthy and drier air is introduced.

CO2 remote plug in wireless sensor, when CO2 reaches unhealthy levels the system automatically  introduces more fresh air into the dwelling improving the air quality

Helix filtration system

Helix air filters are a high performance filter made using natural New Zealand wool, the Helix filter removes more than 99% of 2.5 micron particles. 

Electrical 230 - 240 VAC, 50Hz, single phase

EC (electronically communicated )brushless fans offer quiet operation, enhanced reliability, more control, longer lifespan and are highly energy efficient. The fan motor incorporates a backward inclined impellor. Each fan uses as little as 10%  of  the electricity normally used by equivalent AC fans.


Fan and heat exchanger casings are made with injection moulded Polycarbonate. Ceiling diffusers are made from fire retardant ABS. Minimum manhole access requirements: 500mm x 500mm

Acoustics and Noise Levels

System complies with noise requirements when operated at maximum level: < Leq 40dBA in the principal living room and hallway, and < Leq 30dBA in other habitable rooms as measured at 1m from diffusers

EC fans are very quiet and in combination with an insulated ducting network. DVS systems will operate quietly and can be designed to meet the acoustic requirements of the project

Improved Occupant Comfort

A Reclaim (MVHR) system can help to achieve more even temperatures in the dwelling. However, it should not be considered to provide heating or cooling in the home. Less outside noise, windows can be left closed, better indoor air quality which benefits occupants.

Heat recovery attributes

Reclaim (MVHR) system uses the tried and proven Recair Sensitive recuperator, which is specially designed for air-to-air heat recovery. Stale air is extracted from the dwelling, and at the same time fresh air is introduced from outside creating a balanced intake/extract system.


  • Products which are manufactured and installed by Proven Systems Limited under the DVS brand and which are operated and maintained according to the operating guidelines specific to the product carry a five year, on site, full replacement or repair to working order parts and labour warranty
  • Other manufacturers products installed by DVS carry the applicable manufacturer's warranty
Acoustic Testing


Certificate of Conformity


Helix Filter for DVS
Recair: Reclaim Heat Recovery Core

DVS are a New Zealand manufacturer and supplier of ventilation systems with product ranges including MVHR, and Extract & Supply only (Positive Pressure) systems.

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