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High End Residential Air Conditioning Solutions

Daikin offer multiple solutions for residential cooling and heating, along with options for domestic hot water supply.

  • To create a desirable home environment all year round, Daikin Air Conditioning has Single and Multi-split systems (Super Multi NX), Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems with horizontal or vertical discharge options:

A Daikin Single-split is a system that consists of one indoor unit connected to outdoor unit and delivers air conditioning to single zone interior spaces at an affordable price.

A Daikin Multi-split Heat Pump (Super Multi NX) can heat or cool multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit and allows individual control of the air conditioning in each room. This not only
optimises comfort but saves on running costs that are kept low as only rooms requiring air conditioning are switched on.

A Daikin VRV system is a multi-split type air conditioner (one outdoor unit with multiple indoor units) that uses variable refrigerant flow control developed by Daikin to provide customers with the
ability to maintain individual zone control in each room with high energy efficiency. This is a more advanced solution than Super Multi NX.

  • To allow for fresh air supply without opening windows and energy savings, VAM heat recovery ventilation unit can be utilised in conjunction with single split ducted systems and the full VRV range of
  • indoor units.
  • To keep feet warm during winter, underfloor heating solutions are available via Daikin Altherma hot water heat pump systems with the option of an integrated hot water cylinder.
  • To provide an environmentally friendly alternative to the gas and direct electric hot water cylinders, a domestic hot water heat pump is also available as a standalone system for semi-instantaneous hot water supply.
  • To provide different levels of comfort from a single ducted unit to multiple areas, Daikin offers a zoning system — AirZone. This allows the control of airflow to each zone via motorised dampers.

Indoor units that often specified for this application are:

  • Bulkhead units (ceiling concealed) — Compact size to fit in wardrobe space
  • High Wall (wall mounted) — Designer series available in this range
  • Ducted Units (ceiling concealed) — complete with inbuilt drain pumps and allow for ductwork
  • Cassettes (ceiling mounted) — Round Flow cassettes with sensing panel or compact cassettes (600 x 600mm fully flat)
  • Floor standing (wall concealed — VRV option only) — concealed wall installation with high level supply (via ducting) and low-level return

Residential solutions include the ability to integrate into home automation systems through MODBUS or KNX gateways. Daikin has different Wi-Fi solutions that are suitable for single, multi-split and VRV systems (D-mobile and Daikin Airbase App).

For large residential applications with multiple systems, Daikin can offer a central controller (ITM) for home automation.

Key Features

Single Splits /Multi: (small to medium residential)

  • Designer series of indoor units
  • Black Fascia (optional) for Single-split Round Flow Cassette
  • Adjustable fan speeds of indoor units to meet acoustic requirements
  • Allowance for future expansion on Multi-split systems (one outdoor unit with multiple indoor units)
  • R32 refrigerant with higher efficiencies
  • Single split ducted units compatible with Airzone system — Variable air supply to each zone for enhanced occupant comfort in the room
  • Madoka designer wall mounted controller (optional for single split ducted units)
  • Advanced filtration with titanium apatite filter and /or flash streamer technology — This technology is a patented Daikin air sanitising system that inactivates viruses, eliminates bacteria and pollens

VRV: (medium to large residential)

  • Wide range of indoor units to suit any space and design requirements
  • Black Fascia (optional) for Round Flow Cassette
  • Adjustable fan speeds of indoor units to meet acoustic requirements
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling option with lower energy use and better thermal comfort for occupants
  • Single outdoor unit (horizontal or vertical discharge) with multiple indoor units
  • Madoka designer wall mounted controller (optional) 
  • Future expansion capabilities, long piping runs

Altherma (Underfloor heating and domestic hot water supply):

  • Hot water generation systems ideal for underfloor heating and hot water supply applications
  • Low temperature and high temperature systems available (45°C-80°C)
  • Low GWP R32 refrigerant
  • Madoka designer wall mounted controller (optional)
  • Altherma 3 M Monobloc and Altherma 3HW use hydro-split (Sealed refrigerant circuit in outdoor unit — no refrigerant used indoors)
  • Altherma R HW – semi- instantaneous hot water heat pump provides up to 180L of water at 55°C with a booster heater available up to 80 C, R410A refrigerant.

Various options available for control solutions to meet the client's requirements.

Scope of Use

Scope of Use is dictated by required capacity of air conditioning system, airflow (L/s), controls required and design conditions that should fall into Operation Range of the chosen system:


  • Residential (hi-wall 2.0-9.4 kW, floor standing 2.5-7.1 KW, air purifier)
  • Residential/Light Commercial (hi-wall 5.0-10.0 kW, compact cassette 2.5-7.1 KW, round flow cassette 5.0-14.0 kW, ducted units 5.0 kW-24 kW)

*All capacities are rated Cooling capacities.
Operation range varies for different models.

Multi-Split (Super Multi NX R32):

  • 4 outdoor unit models available: 5.2 kW, 6.8kW. 8.0 kW and 10 kW (Cooling Capacity)
  • 5 types of indoors: designer hi-wall, standard hi-wall, ducted, bulkhead and compact cassette

Operation range:

  • Cooling: -10 to 46 CDB Heating: -15 to 18 CWB

VRV Systems

VRV heat pumps systems (non-simultaneous heating and cooling) come in 2 main series:

  • VRV-S/VRV-S HSE (horizontal discharge, smaller units: 9-24kW Cooling/10-26 kW Heating)
  • VRV H (vertical discharge, bigger units: 16-168 kW Cooling/18-189 kW Heating)

VRV R heat recovery systems (simultaneous heating and cooling) come as vertical discharge units from 16 to 168 kW Cooling/18-189 kW heating.

Operation range:

  • VRV H and VRV R: Cooling: -5 to 49 CDB Heating: -20 to 15.5 CWB
  • VRV-S HSE: -5 to 52 CDB Heating: -20 to 15.5 CWB
  • VRV-S: -5 to 46 CDB Heating: -20 to 15.5 CWB
  • VRV indoors: Cooling: 20CDB/14CWB to 32 CDB/24CWB Heating: 14 to 24 CDB

Altherma products:

Altherma 3RW (Bi-Bloc) R32- 7.5 kW (Heating Only)

  • Delivering temperature up to 65 C; Min Operation Limit: -25 C

Altherma 3HW (Bi-Bloc) R32- 11.1, 14.5 and 16.5 kW rated (Heating Only)

  • Delivering temperature up to 60 C; Min Operation Limit: -28 C

Altherma 3M (Mono-Bloc) R32- 9.4, 1.6, 12.0, 16.0 kW rated (Heating Only or Reverse Cycle)

  • Delivering temperature up to 60 C; Min Operation Limit: -25 C

Altherma RHW (Hot Water Heat Pump) R410A-300 L tank

  • Delivering temperature up to 55 C; Min Operation Limit: -15 C

Altherma R HT and Flex Type (Heating Only) R410A and R134a (Perfect for boiler replacement)

  • Delivering temperature up to 85 C; Min Operation Limit: -15 C

All outdoor units are recommended for exterior installation to keep free air circulation around them and prevent overheating/short cycling. All coils have Blue fin anti-corrosion coating.

Limitations on Use
  • All outdoor units are recommended to install outdoors to keep free air circulation around them and prevent overheating/short cycling. All coils have Blue fin anti-corrosion coating
  • Varying limits on pipework and connection ratio apply based on systems and its capacities used in the project
  • Maximum number of indoors connected to one outdoor unit: 5 units — Super Multi NX R32, 14 units — VRV-S/VRV-S HSE, 64 indoors —VRV H and VRVR
  • Systems should not be used in corrosive indoor environments and high humidity applications (e.g. swimming pools). For corrosive outdoor environments, additional treatment is required such as Blygold
  • Outdoor units are not recommended to install in enclosed spaces unless required air intake volume and exhaust provided to and from the space
  • Daikin Single Split Ducted systems with R32 refrigerant cannot be installed underfloor because of mildly flammable refrigerant safety (AS/NZS 60.335.2.40)
  • Refrigerant concentration compliance with AS/NZS 5149.1 and 5149.3 (R410a only for VRV)
  • Please contact Daikin for full information or to discuss individual project criteria
  • Daikin offer an assistance with refrigerant concentration compliance volumes and mitigation methods on project basis
  • Daikin systems are designed for human comfort only
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Full range of Daikin products have been tested and registered in accordance with MEPS requirements (Minimum Energy Performance Standards)
In-Service History

Some existing residential projects with Daikin systems: 

  • 98 Paritai Drive — VRV heat recovery with ducted and Bulkhead units (5 years in operation)
  • 5 Upton Street, Herne Bay — VRV heat recovery with ducted and Bulkhead units (3 years in operation)
  • 69 Potts Road — VRV-S (heat pump with horizontal discharge and Compact Cassettes units (6 years in operation)

Multiple projects with Split, Multi Split and Altherma are in the country. Please contact Daikin for more details.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Daikin Split Heat Pumps (Residential) are approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation New Zealand and have the Blue Butterfly symbol. It identifies a product as suited for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.
  • The Daikin Air purifier has 6 Levels of air filtration and purification which involves a mixture of Daikin’s patented streamer technology with net and electrostatic and deodorising filters. The unit itself is completely portable from room to room
  • The VRV solution comes with the option of VRT smart technology. This technology allows the fluctuation of the refrigerant temperature. This provides better thermal comfort of the supply air temperature provided to the occupants and results in energy savings.
  • Blygold Coatings (on request) will prolong the life of the outdoor unit coupled with a maintenance plan.
  • Refrigerant leak detectors can also be provided by Daikin with these VRV systems to comply to standard AS/NZS 5149.1 & 5149.3. This solution can be integrated to operate with Daikin's ITM (central controller) to provide a compliant solution to refrigerant detector system.


  • 5 year warranty on domestic SkyAir, VRV-S and Altherma products
  • All Daikin VRV systems (vertical discharge) come with a standard 1 year warranty on labour, and 3 year warranty on the compressor
Technical Brochure: Daikin VRV Series
Technical Brochure: Daikin VRV-S
Data Sheet: Madoka Controller
Data Sheet: SkyAir Ceiling Mounted Cassette
Data Sheet: SkyAir Compact Cassette (Fully Flat)
Data Sheets: Wall Mounted & Floor Standing Units (Single Split)
Brochure: Altherma 3 HW Series
Brochure: Altherma 3 RW Series
Brochure: Altherma R HW
Brochure: Daikin Airzone VAF
Brochure: Ducted Heat Pumps (Single Split)
Brochure: Super Multi NX (Multi Split)

As one of New Zealand's most trusted names in air conditioning, Daikin can be found in homes, businesses, and community projects across New Zealand.

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