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BEAM Mundo 285

BEAM Mundo 285 features a short body unit with strong motor performance and high suction power and longer life. The BM285 also comes with a high-grade electronics package with soft-start and integrated motor management - the best high-tech feature in a compact and affordable unit. Ideal for townhouses and small homes.

Supported by more than 50 years of product design and development experience and BEAM’s exclusive electronic control system, the BEAM Classic Series represents the core of the power unit line.

Key Features
  • Durable steel body
  • Large capacity dirt bucket
  • Sound-off Muffler
  • Switched hose handle
Scope of Use

BEAM Mundo 285 is suitable for residential use, in townhouses and small homes.

System specs:

Airwatts 605
Rec. Max Sq. M. 8/700m²
Air Flow 56 l/s
Waterlift 2,920mm
Voltage 230 V
Dirt Receptacle Capacity 15L bucket
LCD no
Self-Clean Filtration Gore-Tex
Sound Level 63 dBa
Maximum Amps 15
Size 92cm x 28cm
Limitations on Use

Not suitable for commercial applications.

Other Performance Attributes

Unlike conventional vacuums that can recirculate dust, a BEAM Central Vacuum System removes 100% of contacted dust, dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens to help improve indoor air quality. Research has shown that a BEAM system provides relief for allergy sufferers by significantly reducing allergy systems.

Data Sheet
Specification Comparison Table: Central Vacuum Units
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BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are the largest selling built-in system in New Zealand.

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