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Apricus NZ Eco Energy

Apricus NZ Eco Energy are the leading distributor of sustainable hot water & heating solutions for residential & commercial buildings - evacuated tube solar systems, CO2 heat pumps, & pellet boilers.

Blog Posts from Apricus NZ Eco Energy

24 August 2020

Heating Water, Without Heating the Planet

glacier waterfall anuraag rajasekhar m2qWRVnLyqM unsplash

It is ironic that carbon dioxide is one of the solutions to lessen the climate crisis, whilst carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels are one of the main causes of anthropogenic climate change.

25 May 2020

Turning 'The Impossible' into the Possible

impossible 2

There are clear parallels between the rapid adjustments for Covid-19 and the adjustments that are required to overcome the challenges of the climate crisis.

27 February 2020

New Builds and Fossil Fuels

glacier image nz

Why are we still designing and constructing buildings and homes that use fossil fuels?

22 November 2019

Moving Towards Sustainable Building Design in New Zealand

nz summer

A look at some of the milestones and springboards from 2019 which are leading NZ architects towards sustainable design practices in 2020 and beyond. 

26 August 2019

Sustainable Water Heating Options for Stand-Alone Houses

laura smetsers wanaka tree

A comparison of different domestic hot water options currently available in NZ for individual homes, with a focus on the key considerations of environmental sustainability, capital cost, running cost, and ease of installation and maintenance. 

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