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Firestop Silicone joint spray CFS-SP SIL

The Hilti CFS-SP SIL speed spray is a silicone-based smoke and fire resistant sealant which is applied to various construction joints by an airless spray applicator or brush. The CFS-SP SIL system compensates for considerable movement laterally, vertically and horizontally while maintaining its ability to prevent the passage of smoke and flames. It is most suitable for use on the perimeter seal of a building between the edge of the concrete slab and the inside face of the curtain wall. As the CFS-SP SIL creates a large flexible seal, it allows for relative movement of the curtain wall façade not possible from traditional methods, it offers greater safety and security for the curtain wall façade.

Key Features
  • Fast-curing spray coating with a short tack free time
  • Proven rain and wash out resistance within a few hours – tested in accordance with ASTM D6904 (as modified for intended exposures)
  • Excellent sprayability and low slump characteristics
  • Quick and easy installation with airless sprayer can help save time and money
Scope of Use

Sealing building perimeter gaps between floor slabs and exterior curtain wall facades

Statement of Building Code Compliance

The Hilti CFS-SP SIL Speed Spray comes with ETA and UL approval for curtain wall to edge of slab applications. Additionally, it is supported by a AS 1530.4 Fire test for construction joints. Because there are no are guidelines for qualifying an edge of slab to curtain wall construction joint under the locally cited fire standard AS1530.4. We need to look at what international standards exist to develop an alternative solution under the NZBC. BS EN 1364-4:2014 - Fire resistance tests for non-loadbearing elements, and ANSI/ ASTM E2307 Standard Test Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barriers Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-story Test Apparatus, can be identified as best practices. The CFS-SP SIL speed spray has approvals for both of these, as well as a complimentary mid-slab joint test to AS1530.4 to demonstrate its effectiveness when tested under the local standards.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Weather resistance
  • Movement resistance
CFS-SP SIL Technical Manual and brochure
Material Safety Data Sheet
Approval document for the fire performance of the application as per EN 1364-4

ETA-20/1235 of 2020/12/20

Certificate of compliance with ASTM E2307
Installation and Operation
CFS-SP SIL Installation Video
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