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TimberWhite 2FR

TimberWhite 2FR Intumescent Coating — up to Group 1-S. Timberwhite 2FR is a halogen-free, waterborne, white intumescent base coat designed for use on timber based substrates, including solid timber, plywood, and timber veneers. 

It foams into a thick layer when exposed to high temperatures derived from flames or intensive heat radiation from fire. The porous layer of foam effectively extinguishes the flow of heat to the coated surface.

Approved top coats can be used to achieve any colour finish. The Maintenance Guide and Application Instructions are available upon request from Fireshield.

  • Minimum >8mm thick timber based substrate or greater
  • Minimum >338 kg/m³ density or greater
Key Features
  • Achieves Group 1-S surface finish on almost all timber ceilings, wall linings and timber battens
  • Cost effective
  • Many different timber based substrates can be coated
  • Waterbased with low VOC
  • Declare status and listed as Red List Free
  • Applied by Registered Applicators for compliance made simple
  • Over 30 years of successful projects in Europe and New Zealand
  • Can be applied to new and pre-coated substrates with the use of approved primers
  • Limited to >8mm thick and >338kg/m³ density
Red List Material Free
Red List Material Free
Scope of Use
  • For internal use only in C1 zones
  • See requirements for timber substrate properties on the Technical Data Sheet
  • Can be used on any species of timber, new or old
  • Specifications available for new uncoated timber
  • Specifications available for pre-coated timber substrates using approved primers
  • Specification available for C2 and C3 internal zones using approved top coats
  • Limited to >8mm thick and >338kg/m³ density
Limitations on Use
  • Surface must be clean and clear of oils and dirt, and timber moisture content is below 15%
  • Certain kinds of fatty wood, e.g. teak, should undergo a test coating of a small area to determine the adhesion
  • Application should be avoided at temperatures below +10°C
  • The paint should be kept at room temperature to aid easy application
  • TimberWhite 2FR should, when used in areas with a constant air humidity higher than 75% or when a washable surface is required and in C2 and C3 interior zones, be sealed with an approved top coat 
  • Structures that move because of mechanical stress or that are constantly exposed to a higher humidity than 75%, are less suitable
  • TimberWhite 2FR is pigmented. Use Timberclear 1FR for clear intumescent coating
  • TimberWhite can only be applied by Registered Applicators
  • It is advised that Fireshield be consulted for installations outside of the C1 interior zone, when top coats or sealers are required
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Timberwhite 2FR has been tested in Europe and meets Fire Class B-s1-d0 according to EN13501-1:2010
  • This is recognised as equivalent to Group 1-S in the NZBC
  • Provides NZBC C/AS2-CAS6 compliance
In-Service History
  • Over 30 years of successful projects in Europe and New Zealand —  See the Fireshield Project Gallery
Other Performance Attributes
  • The only intumescent coating in New Zealand with Declare status and listed as Red List Free
  • Waterbased with low VOC
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
Interior Fire Rating 1S
Interior Fire Rating 2
Interior Fire Rating 2S
Interior Fire Rating 3
Data Sheet: TimberWhite 2FR


Safety Data Sheet: TimberWhite 2FR


Declare Red List Free
Timber Application Guide


Fireshield Project Gallery

Fireshield specialise in intumescent coatings for exposed and hidden structural steel and clear and pigmented intumescent coatings for internal timber linings and battens — Proudly available at Dulux.

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