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Fireshield 920KS

Fireshield® 920KS is a more environmentally friendly 2-pack epoxy intumescent coating for the protection of interior and exterior structural steel sections up to 120 minutes protection from cellulosic fires up to C5 Very High exterior environments.

Key Features
  • Thin film technology 100% solvent free
  • Halogen free and zero VOC
  • Simple off or on site application
  • Durable, transportable coating from paint shop to site


  • No primer required in C1-C2 interior zones
  • Simple application and fast drying
  • Ideal for Green Building projects
  • Low odour, low VOC
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use

Fireshield® 920KS is a high build, two-pack solvent-free intumescent coating with a matt grey finish, designed for use on interior and exterior structural steel open and closed sections for 30 to 120 minutes protection from fire. Fireshield® 920KS can be applied on site or off site and can go in all corrosivity zones C1-C5H. Fireshield® 920KS can be used with Fireshield fire rated bolt caps.

Limitations on Use

All intumescent coatings require an expansion gap of 50 x the dry film thickness from the coated surface. However Fireshield® 920KS can have timber and plasterboard attached to the coated surface up to 60 mins FRR, see the Fireshield® Cladding Guide for full details.

Fireshield 920KS can be used with approved primers from other Manufacturers or as a full Fireshield system with Fireshield primers.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Fireshield® 920KS is tested and assessed in accordance with BS476:1987 Parts 20 and 21 complying with the New Zealand Building Code B1/VM1 and C1-C6. It also complies with B2/AS1 for durability.

In-Service History

Fireshield 920KS is a new product to the Fireshield range but has already been specified for 10 large projects nationwide including the new Dunedin Hospital.

The product has been available tin Europe for over 5 years and has been used extensively on many projects.

Other Performance Attributes

Fireshield 920KS has approved systems for C1-C5 High that comply with ISO 12944-6 and are fully certified for fire protection and durability.

Fireshield 920KS can also be used to comply with AS NZS 2312:2014 for various PUR systems offering up to 25+ years durability to expected first maintenance. 

This product is halogen free, zero VOC, and low odour.

B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
Test Results
Test Results
Product Data Sheet


Fireshield specialise in advanced fire rating solutions for structural steel intumescent coatings, fire rated timber for interior and exterior, and Intumescent coatings for interior timber.

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