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Joinery Profiles — Furniture Construction and Edging

Stickman extruded aluminium profiles are suitable for joining MDF, particle board (PB), and plywood for the construction of furniture. They create strong and aesthetically appealing joins, as well as providing ongoing edge protection for furniture to prevent chipping and wear. Ideal for furniture and fittings in high use areas such as retail centres, restaurants, hotels, educational and health care facilities, and transport centres.

Prior to Stickman being available, laminated furniture corners and edging were easily damaged. The chipped corners were unsightly, and often sharp making them dangerous.

Panel corners and butt joins are machined with Stickman tooling. Site or factory assembly is precise and fast. Stickman adhesive eliminates the need for screws, and provides a strong bond for panel and profile.

The Stickman Assembly Process

Key Features
  • Provides strong construction and edge protection for joinery and furniture
  • Prevent chipping and dangerous sharp edges
  • Profiles for 90 and 135 degree corners — capping, joining, edging, and concealed fixing
  • Available in mill finish, anodised, and powdercoated
  • Standard length is 5m, profiles can be supplied to length for specific projects to minimise waste
  • Panels are machined with special Stickman tooling, suitable for smaller production runs as well as volume production on CNC routers with flatbeds
  • Use Stickman adhesive or other quality construction solvent free adhesives in assembly — no need to drill and use screws. The assembly process can be accelerated by using a punch
  • On site assembly reduces transport costs, aids site access in lifts, and reduces damage in transport issues
  • Profiles are used with MDF, PB, PLY and other composite panel types that can be machined and glued as if wooden
  • Profiles are available for use with panel thicknesses from 12mm upwards
Scope of Use
  • Construct and protect MDF, particle board (PB), and ply furniture for use in high traffic areas — commercial and residential use: 
    • Hospitals, hotels, universities, airport terminals, schools, libraries, banks, retail outlets, shopping centres
    • Apartments and residential kitchens
  • Provide structural strength to joinery corners
Other Performance Attributes

Stickman has been in use since 2000. First launched in New Zealand, and since exported extensively to Australia, Canada, USA, Pacific Islands, and remote destinations such as Mauritius.

Used extensively in domestic and commercial furniture and buildings. 

Caps and Accessories

Stickman aluminium profiles are used in joinery and construction projects for corners and
joining of MDF, PB, and Ply panels from 12mm thickness upwards.

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