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Stickman aluminium profiles are used in joinery and construction projects for corners and
joining of MDF, PB, and Ply panels from 12mm thickness upwards.

190410 stickman hero corner

About Stickman

Stickman was developed last century to overcome the issue of how to satisfactorily finish laminated panels at the corners, and to reduce potentially sharp, dangerous corners.

Damage to edges so often destroys an attractive piece of furniture, especially on corners, or in high traffic areas. Stickman is a unique way to provide a strong discreet edging and corner protection in joinery and construction projects. The aluminium profiles add strength and protection to edges at 90°, 135°, 180° joins. Quality Stickman GLU eliminates the need for drilling for screws and speeds assembly.

Stickman Linear profiles plus Split Rail and Clips provide an easy to install concealed fixing system, proven in the Christchurch earthquakes.


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