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Deck Jack Pedestal System

Tiling over membrane decks or concrete is made easy, fast and efficient with Outdure’s range of height­ adjustable deck jacks. The deck jack system enables tiles to be easily replaced and for the membrane to be easily accessed as it does not use grout or adhesives.

The process is simple, the jacks sit on the waterproof membrane or concrete and the tiles sit on the self-­leveling heads. The space between the tiles and the waterproof membrane can easily be used to hide pipes and other services. This system protects the membrane from foot traffic and UV sunlight. Acoustics pads are available to minimize noise transfer levels, if required. 

Key Features
  • Adjustable height 
  • Wide base to spread deck load
  • Self-levelling heads
  • Acoustic pads to minimise noise transference
  • Meets Building Code requirements
Composite Decking FAQs
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