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Cabot's Benchtop Clear

This clear, water-based, fast-drying varnish is highly durable, heat* and stain resistant and fast drying.

Safe to use on living areas and kitchen timber benchtops when the surface is fully cured, Cabot’s Benchtop Clear is resistant to chemicals, oils and heat from hot cups and mugs. Fast drying, it’s also low odour and cleanup is easy.

This versatile product also acts as a clear topcoat over Cabot's Interior Stain Water Based.

  • Sizes: 1L
  • Sheen: Satin, Gloss
  • Coverage 16m²/L
  • Recoat Time: 2 hours*
  • Touch Dry: 30 mins*
  • Full Cure: 14 days*

*All times are quoted at 25 Celsius and 50% relative humidity. Cooler or more humid conditions may require longer.

Key Features
  • Water wash up
  • Food Safe** (once product has fully cured)
  • Heat Resistant (hot mugs/cups)
  • Stain resistant*
  • Highly durable
  • Enhances timber grain
  • Low odour
  • Can be used as a clear topcoat over Cabot's Interior Stain Water-based
  • Non-yellowing

*If stains and liquid spills aren't cleaned off immediately, some may leave marks. 

**It is recommended to wait 28 days before allowing product to come into contact with food. 

Scope of Use
  • Safe to use on living areas and kitchen timber benchtops
Limitations on Use

Not suitable for chopping boards, food containers or utensils.

Also not suitable for:

  • Previously waxed or mineral oil coated finishes
  • Broad wall applicaiton
  • Laminex or other laminated bench tops
  • Exterior use 

Will not withstand heat from hot saucepans.

Other Performance Attributes


Once the surface becomes excessively scratched and worn, it's time for a re coat.

  • 1. Thoroughly clean the surface with Cabot's Floor Clean and allow to dry
  • 2. Apply one coat to a small test area. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Press sticky tape firmly to the surface and pull off quickly. If the coating comes off, sand back further to a sound surface. If the coating adheres apply 2 coats across the entire surface


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