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Dulux AcraTex Recessed Fibre Cement Sheet Texture System

Dulux AcraTex high performance jointing and coating systems for 7.5mm and 9mm recessed fibre cement sheet (FCS).


  • FCS are primed with Acrabond and flushed using Renderwall P400
  • A mesh is applied, followed by another coat of Renderwall and an alkali resistant mesh is embedded into this layer

Texture Systems

  • Cement Render Finish: Use Dulux AcraTex RenderWall Float Finish for a texture/sponge finish
  • Acrylic Texture Finish: Dulux AcraTex HAR Primer 501/8 should be applied prior to the selected Dulux AcraTex acrylic texture coat

Top Coat

  • All Dulux AcraTex acrylic textures should be over coated with Dulux AcraTex AcraShield Advance to ensure proper protection of the Dulux AcraTex System.
Key Features
  • 10 year warranty when applied as a full AcraTex system
  • Durable
  • Guaranteed long term exterior durability and water resistance
  • Easy, safe and economical clean-up
  • Extensive, deep colour range
  • Resists pollution, chemical attack and dirt pick-up
  • Resistant to Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide Crack bridging 5 times average film build
Scope of Use

A lightweight wall cladding system used for monolithic textured residential and light commercial buildings with timber or steel framed exterior walls. The FCS must be installed in accordance with the specifications contained in the manufacturers technical installation manual.

Structural control or expansion joints should be installed as per manufacturer’s technical specifications. These joints are to be filled with a building code compliant MS sealant and are not to be covered by the finishing textures.

It should be noted that the colours chosen for recessed fibre cement sheet systems need to comply with NZ Building Code and must have an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of greater than 40%.

AcraShield Advance (Low Gloss) Datasheet
AcraTex Acrabond Datasheet
AcraTex Har Primer 501/8 Datasheet
AcraTex Renderwall Float Finish Datasheet
AcraTex Renderwall P400 Datasheet
AcraTex Renderwall P400 SDS
SDS - AcraShield Advance (Low Gloss)
SDS - AcraShield Advance (Matt)
Specification Clause (Masterspec)
Maintenance Instructions
Colour Range

A durable exterior acrylic texture system from Dulux suitable for all masonry substrates, concrete and lightweight cladding.

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