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Thermo Acoustic Ceiling Panels Contribute to Net Zero

Asona specialises in local manufacturing of Triton thermo acoustic ceiling and wall panels and is recognised as an industry leader in environmental sustainability. These criteria were high on the list for the Ministry of Education and significantly contributed to Asona being awarded the All of Government tender via MBIE. The Triton range is the required thermo acoustic solution for the national Small and Remote School tender programme.

The Triton range of thermo-acoustic ceiling panels contributes to the construction of net zero carbon buildings as they are locally produced; made with locally sourced raw materials containing 80% recycled glass waste from New Zealand. Local manufacturing means very low embodied energy materials particularly around processing and transport of building materials while providing stable employment to the local community.

Triton panels are non-combustible, lightweight — reducing risk in seismic prone areas, low VOC, and easy to handle and install due to their unique composite construction. The tiles are designed to be easily disassembled, renewed and reused in buildings to extend product life. The Return, Renew and Reuse service helps reduce construction waste and can be applied to a wide range of ceiling tiles.

The Triton range of high-performance acoustic ceiling panels are Global GreenTag Cert Level A Certified. Panels are available in a wide range of standard and custom decorative finishes, shapes, sizes, colours and edge wrapped options that meet almost every application including suspended grid and panel ceilings, free hanging cloud and baffle panels, linear beam panels, direct fix ceiling and wall panels for general office, classrooms, gyms, swimming pools, auditoriums and studios.

Triton Duo and Trio mass loaded panels are designed to attenuate metal roofing rain noise, provide speech privacy between classrooms, meeting rooms and offices, and control room reverberation times, while also providing good thermal insulation ratings to help reduce heating and cooling energy costs over the life of the building.

Connect with Asona for technical expertise in preliminary design, seismic, acoustic and specification assistance. As a registered member of the CPD Provider Network via NZIA, they can provide support around version 3.0 of the updated Designing Quality Learning Spaces from Ministry of Education.

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