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Acouslime 4in1 Acoustic Wood Flooring Adhesive

Acouslime 4in1 is wood flooring adhesive, which provides sound reduction, and creates a moisture barrier.  It is a high elastic strength adhesive, and allows for normal dimensional changes in wood flooring.  

The one-step application process reduces curing time and saves on labour time and costs.  The 4in1 formula is LEED qualified, and contains no isocyanates, no solvents, or VOCs.

Acouslime 4in1 is suitable for engineered timber, tongue & groove hardwood strip flooring, and parquet hardwood floors, and can be applied to most substrates. It is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, and in wet areas.

Acosulime 4in1 is packaged in 16kg plastic buckets and 600gm sausages.

Key Features
  • One step process — saves on labour time and costs:
    • Elastic sound reduction: 43dB per VIPAC test
    • Moisture barrier —  waterproof when cured
    • High elastic strength wood flooring adhesive
  • Environmentally friendly:
    • LEED qualified contains no isocyanates
    • Contains no solvents or VOCs
    • Certified DIN EN Compliant (EC Normative: Requisites for wood flooring adhesives)
    • Non-flammable
  • Suitable for timber flooring across a variety of substrates:
    • Suitable for radiant heat systems without primer
    • Suitable for all species according to the UNI EN 13556
    • Engineered Timber Flooring
    • T&G Hardwood Strip Flooring
    • Parquet Hardwood Flooring (2 or 3 layers)
Scope of Use
  • Multi-purpose wood flooring adhesive
  • Used in residential and commercial single and multi-story buildings with sound reduction requirements
  • Ideal for midfloors for townhouses or for horizontal separation of apartments 
  • Suitable for use in wet areas

Acouslime 4in1 can be used for the following timbers:

  • Suitable for all species according to the UNI EN 13556
  • Engineered Timber Flooring
  • T&G Hardwood Strip Flooring
  • Parquet Hardwood Flooring (2 or 3 layers)

Acouslime 4in1 can be used for the following approved subfloors:

  • Concrete slabs
  • Chipboard on cement screed
  • Fast setting and anhydrite screeds
  • Ceramic, stone, marble tiles/slabs
  • OSB (underlayment grade)
  • Plywood (underlayment grade)
  • Cured levelling compounds
  • Radiant heated sub-floors

Installation Features:

  • Wet lay — no flash time required
  • Non-slump formula
  • Bridges normal sub floor variations, and eliminates hollow spots
  • Spreads easily — for best results it is recommended to use a 5mm V-notch trowel
Limitations on Use
  • Apply at a temperature between 5°C and 40°C. The optimal temperature is between 15°C and 25°C
  • Ambient Humidity  — apply between 40% and 80%
  • Not suitable for non-wood flooring

See Data Sheet for further information.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Acouslime will contribute to compliance under NZBC:

  • Clause G6 — Airborne and Impact Sound: 
    • G6.3.1: The Sound Transmission Class of walls, floors, and ceilings shall be no less than 55
    • G6.3.2: The Impact Insulation Class of floors shall be no less than 55

In-field test performance of STC=67 and IIC=67

In-Service History
  • Extensively used in the Australian market

In New Zealand, the recent testing was performed on two projects with engineered wood flooring products.:

  • 90m2 — residential building by Empire Flooring, Auckland
  • 60m2 — residential building by HF Flooring, Hamilton
  • 90m2 — residential building by Decky Euro Floors, Auckland
  • 50m2 — residential building by PANNA Woodworks Ltd, Auckland

The feed-back from installers and business owners was that Acouslime exceeded expectations in terms of ease of application, viscosity of adhesive, and easy residual removals from tools and surfaces. That there is absolutely no odour, and the long open time (40 minutes) enables application over larger areas at once.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Water Vapour Permeability Test (ASTM E96):

Experimental values of vapour permeability of Green Force and Acuoslime were determined; both products have a similar performance and reduce initial permeability of the concrete up to 84%.

Acoustic Testing

  • Elastic sound reduction: 43dB per VIPAC test
  • MC782-01F01 Sound Insulation Test Results (r1): (Test conducted by Renzo Tonin & Associates);
    Impact sound insulation tests were conducted in accordance with ISO 16283-2:2018 and ISO 717.2:2013 measurement and calculation procedures. All floor/ceiling partitions listed in this report have met both the minimum NCC field verification requirement of L’nT,w ≤62.
    The corresponding readings for NZBC G6 code are IIC=67 and STC=67.

Adhesion Performance

 The adhesive performance characteristics are:

  • Tack free time is 40-60 minutes
  • Tensile strength ≥ 1 MPa
  • Shear strength ≥ 1 MPa
  • Tear strength ≥ 0.6 MPa
  • Plank setting time ~1h
  • Trafficability ~12h
  • Sanding ~2.5 days


Adhesives warranties are not typically provided but, in general, the Acouslime 4in1 should match the wood flooring product warranty.

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
EMICODE Certification: EC1 PLUS


Water Vapour Permeability (ASTM E96)
Specification Clause/Guide
EMICODE Brochure

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