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Membrane Overlay Offers a Smart Solution for Minimising Roof Construction Waste

With the rapid development of sustainable building in New Zealand, Viking Roofspec has identified the importance of offering a range of sustainable roofing solutions that not only keep the water on the outside for good but also reduce the impact on the environment and where applicable, assist with a building’s Green Star Rating.

It is disturbing that construction and demolition waste makes up half of New Zealand’s total waste going to landfill. Viking Roofspec is constantly learning and adapting new ways to offer more sustainable waterproofing solutions. Tearing down well constructed, compliant structures does not support that ethos as it is unnecessary; expensive and irresponsible even.

Membrane overlay is a highly effective solution to minimising roof construction waste.

Virtually any existing roofing material, including metal, can be overlaid (providing the substrate is structurally sound), and over 90% of Viking roofing materials can be used as an overlay option, allowing old roofs to remain in place — minimising noise, dust, traffic pollution, and overall unnecessary waste in landfills.

Viking offers some membrane-only solutions including Enviroclad FBS — a fleecebacked membrane that goes over old bitumen roofs amongst others. However, Viking’s warm roof system is the most sustainable of Viking’s overlay options. Viking WarmRoof consists of rigid polyiso insulation panels waterproofed by a CodeMark certified Viking waterproofing membrane; the whole assembly is installed on top of the existing roof.

A Viking WarmRoof is a practical solution for overlaying a tired, existing low-slope roof. The benefit for building owners is the existing roof does not need to be removed (*conditions apply), avoiding the expense and waste of shrink-wrap, if applicable (which will then also end up in landfill), and the environmental cost of disposing of potential ‘nasties’. The additional, surprisingly expensive exercise of temporarily relocating people (called 'churn') is also avoided with an overlay.

Whether it is supplying materials cut-to-length to minimise waste, providing 100% recyclable products; membrane solutions without adhesives; or multiple overlay options, Viking is dedicated to finding solutions that reduce their environmental impact.

All Viking warm roof systems are backed by a 20-year warranty and can only be installed by an Approved Applicator.

For more information on Viking Enviroclad FBS or Viking WarmRoof, please visit the Viking Roofspec website.

*A proviso worth noting, is that neither Viking nor any of the approved applicator companies it supplies materials to, will overlay its materials on an existing roof that is not structurally sound. Installing onto old roofs that are beyond repair is irresponsible. Thorough inspections are vital to ensure the integrity of the existing substrate before overlaying.

View more information on Viking Roofspec, including contact details.
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