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Buzon (Screwjack Pedestal) Deck Support System

Viking Buzon are height-and-slope adjustable screwjack pedestals. With the New Zealand Building Code stating than an exterior deck's waterproofing membrane must be a minimum of 100mm below the level of the interior floor slab, a screwjack pedestal system can suspend a deck's walking surface at the same height as the interior floor level, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

Buzon pedestals are adjustable millimetre by millimetre, up to 850mm and can support loads of more than 1,000kg/pedestal.

Key Features
  • Viking Buzon pedestals are made from 80% recycled UV stabilised high strength polypropylene, and are 100% recyclable.
  • Water drains between the pavers or timber planks down onto the waterproofing membrane below, giving superior drainage whilst still promoting watershed;
  • Screwjack pedestals also hide unsightly services below an attractive deck surface;
  • Being able to remove a deck's surface allows access to the membrane to diagnose leaks and easily clean the membrane;
  • Temporary raised surfaces for exhibitions or shows can easily be erected and dismantled;
  • Screwjack pedestals comply with E2/AS1 as an "Acceptable Solution" (External Moisture);
  • Viking Buzon pedestals have the largest surface of any pedestal on the market - 325cm2 (20cm diameter);
  • While most pedestals have only height adjustment, Viking Buzon pedestals have both height and slope adjustment;
  • Resistant to ageing, poor weather conditions, UV light, almost all chemicals and rot proof;
  • Most pedestals have been designed only for pavers, whereas the Viking Buzon system also has a batten support system for timber decking.
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use

Compatible with both paver and timber decks, the deck surface sits above (in most cases) a waterproofing membrane. The slope correction mechanism on top of the pedestal allows the deck surface to lay perfectly flat (0% slope) above the waterproofing membrane which slopes away from the building for drainage purposes, and Buzon pedestals range in height from 17mm to 620mm.

Viking Buzon pedestals can support any type of timber decking or ceramic, stone, concrete paving or flag material, as well as fibreglass or metal grid panels. They are suitable for the smallest residential balcony projects through to large bridge walkways, industrial platforms or large civil projects for public spaces such as those requiring water and power reticulation below the ground which can be easily accessed.

Viking Buzon pedestals are suitable for any kind of stable substrate, including applications directly over insulation panels.

Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Clause B1 STRUCTURE: Performance B1.3.1
  • Clause B2/AS1 DURABILITY
In-Service History

Viking Buzon pedestals have been manufactured to precise European standards and since 1984, have been supporting surfaces all over the world including the Acropolis in Greece and Disney World in Florida.

B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
Product Assurance
Buzon DPH2 Product Information
Buzon DPH3 Product Information
Buzon DPH4 Product Information
Full Product Information
Specification Clause
Other Literature
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CAD/PDF Details
Buzon DPH00 Fixed 19mm (With Slope Corrector 0-5%)
Buzon DPH00 Fixed 19mm Timber Decking Wood Terraces
Buzon DPH1 Fixed 30mm Timber Decking Wood Terraces
Buzon DPH1 Fixed 40mm (With Slope Corrector 0-5%)
Buzon DPH2 Adjustable from 37mm to 55mm Timber Decking Wood Terraces
Buzon DPH2 Adjustable from 47mm to 65mm (Slope Corrector 0-5%)
Buzon DPH3 Adjustable from 52mm to 80mm Timber Decking Wood Terraces
Buzon DPH3 Adjustable from 62mm to 90mm (Slope Corrector 0-5%)
Buzon DPH5 Adjustable from 102mm to 172mm Batten Holder (Slope Corrector 0-5%)
Buzon DPH8 Adjustable from 322mm to 522mm (Slope Corrector 0-5%)
Buzon DPH9 Adjustable from 392mm to 622mm (Slope Corrector 0-5%)
Cavity Wall Construction
Drip Edge with Timber Deck
Glass Balustrade
Rebated Threshold
Rebated Threshold with Timber Deck

For over 50 years, Viking Roofspec have supplied roofing and waterproofing materials, and combining leading-edge function with design flair to keep water out — for good.

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