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Viking's Innovative Buzon Pedestal System for Timber and Paved Decks

Viking Buzon is a screwjack pedestal system that allows a floating deck to be suspended over a waterproofing membrane, with the deck surface remaining at the same height as the interior floor slab level.

Viking Buzon screwjack pedestals provide all the usual benefits of most screwjack pedestal systems, as well as several other advantages:

  • Viking Buzon pedestals not only have height adjustment, but also slope adjustment. This means a zero degree surface can be achieved, while the membrane underneath the floating deck can still comply with the code by being a minimum of 100mm below floor level and sloping away from the building for drainage purposes.
  • Viking Buzon pedestals are designed to accommodate both paver and timber deck surfaces.
  • At 325cm² (20cm diameter), Buzon pedestals have the largest head surface area of any pedestal on the New Zealand market.
  • The base of the pedestal has been moulded with a soft radius to prevent the unit, with the weight of a deck on it, from gouging the membrane.

As well as the above benefits, Viking Buzon screwjack pedestals also individually support up to one tonne of weight each and are 100% recyclable.

Viking Buzon pedestals have been suspending deck surfaces throughout the world since 1984, demonstrating a proven track record as a floating deck solution.

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