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with Matthew Duder

As Managing Director of EBOSS Matthew is close to trends and developments that reveal insight into the future of the NZ building industry.

29 January 2016

Councils Consent $16.4 Billion of New Construction in 2015

An overview of the December Building Consents announcement from Statistics NZ for the 12 months to 31 December.

19 January 2016

Building Consents Record for November

The 12 months to November 2015 has seen an increased number of consents and a wider mix of residential building types.

17 January 2016

BIM Survey 2015: BIM Use Gaining Momentum in NZ

EBOSS and the BIM Acceleration Committee are pleased to announce the findings from the second survey of our five year programme that will follow the progress of the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into New Zealand.

25 May 2015

Industry Release: First Year of Research into NZ BIM Use

Over five years the BIM Acceleration Committee is charting the progress of accelerating the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into New Zealand’s construction industry. The first report is now available to download.

01 December 2014

EBOSS 2014 Specifier Survey Winners Announced

Each year, EBOSS conducts a survey with New Zealand architectural and construction professionals with the objective of updating industry stakeholders on the current market conditions, barriers to growth and future trends. 

26 August 2014

How Do We Build a Better New Zealand?

Innovative ways to create better communities and improve the performance of existing buildings will be discussed by national and overseas speakers at the Building a Better New Zealand conference.

24 June 2014

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse on the Auckland Vision (Video)

Speaking at 'The Development of Auckland' event on Tuesday 24th June, Deputy Mayor of Auckland Penny Hulse outlined an update on the Unitary Plan as well as key planning and infrastructure initiatives.

24 June 2014

Alison Reid on the Changing Demographics of Auckland (Video)

Speaking at 'The Development of Auckland' event on Tuesday 24th June, Alison Reid, Senior Researcher at Auckland Council, delivered an informative presentation of 2013 Census data.

24 June 2014

Bob Lamason on the Current Consenting Process (Video)

Speaking at 'The Development of Auckland' event on Tuesday 24th June, Bob Lamason, Senior Building Consent Project Manager, gave an overview of the new structure of the Building Control team and the current consenting process.

24 June 2014

Elizabeth Wells on Special Housing Areas (Video)

Speaking at 'The Development of Auckland' event on Tuesday 24th June, Elizabeth Wells, SHA Consenting Manager of the Housing Project Office, delivered an informative presentation entitled 'Special Housing Areas – Opportunities and Challenges'.

27 March 2014

Short Course on Sustainability in Christchurch and Auckland

A two-day short course on one of the industry's most important topics – sustainable building – will be running in Auckland and Christchurch in June, held by Otago Polytechnic.

28 February 2014

Christchurch Inner-City Development Request for Proposals

The first call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for working with the Crown on the development of housing within Christchurch's new Central and Eastern frames has been released this week.

27 November 2013

Nick Smith and Len Brown on Planning for Housing Growth in NZ and Auckland (Video)

See above for exclusive videos of Minister of Housing Hon. Dr Nick Smith and Auckland Mayor Len Brown speaking at EBOSS's Specified 2013 event. Dr Smith and Mayor Brown addressed the challenges facing architects, designers and construction professionals in the building industry, including the large growth projections and government approaches (both central and local) to meet these.

26 September 2013

Auckland Council Unanimously Support Auckland Housing Accord

Finally Nick Smith gets support from Auckland City regarding the Auckland Housing Accord.

16 September 2013

Win a Double Pass To The Form Forum: Retail Futures

EBOSS and The Designers Institute presents The Form Forum; an invite-only annual event series that incorporates a series of themed design presentations and product showcases from New Zealand's leading design brands.

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