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Innovative Flood Prevention with the Jesani Door Channel

Manufactured in New Zealand, and replacing the floor waste gully, Jesani’s Door Channel sits stylishly in the doorway between the wetroom and the rest of the home. The channel ensures accidental overflows from sanitary fixtures are stopped at the threshold and drained into the grey water system, a dry stack or directly outside, depending on the plumbing configuration installed. Available in a range of finishes to harmonise with wetroom aesthetics, the Jesani Door Channel offers almost seamless integration with its surroundings.

The Jesani Door Channel is a trusted flood prevention feature for standalone homes, as well as in multi-storey units where there is greater potential for widespread damage, such as an accidental overflow in one apartment spreading into the ceiling of the unit below, resulting in aesthetic and structural damage to both properties.

Certain demographics, including families with young children and those caring for ageing parents, face increased risk of wetroom flooding. In scenarios where playful sibling bath time breaches the tub's limits or a plugged sink coincides with a forgotten running tap, the Jesani Door Channel captures and drains the overflow, ensuring it’s a quick mop of the floor and wash of the bathmat rather than an insurance claim.

Beyond its application in standalone homes and apartments, the versatility of the Jesani Door Channel extends seamlessly to accessible bathrooms and commercial enterprises, including retirement villages, hotels, gyms, restaurants and hospitals.

If a unique solution is needed, Jesani's expertise in bespoke fabrication is exemplified by the commissioning of an extended door channel — a drain demarcating wet and dry areas — for the open-plan ensuite/master bedroom showcased in the fourth image above. Further details regarding this Room with a View bathroom project can be viewed here.

Most commonly presented with a slimline two bar grill insert and 38mm outlet, the channels are also available with a wider trough and four bar grill to suit a 50 – 65mm outlet connected to a four way riser.

Crafted from 1.5mm, 304 or 316 stainless steel and ticking the robust, hygienic and sustainable boxes, Jesani’s door channels are also fully recyclable.

The brainchild of Grant Hohaia, an architectural builder with over 40 years’ experience, Jesani’s Door Channel patents cover design, improvement to drainage and location — the threshold from wet to dry.

The Jesani Door Channel stands as an easy to install testament to innovation in flood prevention, offering not only functional efficacy but also aesthetic enhancement in diverse residential and commercial settings.

Watch this 56 second video to view the channel in action:

To discuss how the Jesani Door or custom threshold Channel can enhance your next project, visit or phone 0800 537 264.

View more information on JESANI, including contact details.
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