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Ultimate Floor Waste Gully System

Utilising the Ultimate Floor Waste Gully System creates a full bathroom plumbing system that sits under the Jesani Linear Shower Channel as the Gully waste, and allows the Jesani Door Channel to perform the task of emergency free water overflow for the bathroom. 

This compact FWG design comes with a removable trap for clear and easy access to the drain.

Key Features
  • Compact designed height to fit better in confined 'between floor' spaces and concrete floor set ups
  • Removable trap for clear and easy access to the drain
  • 50mm outlet with branches of 40 x 50 x 40
  • 65mm outlet with branches of 40 x 50 x 40
  • Full Bathroom plumbing system including Emergency Overflow
  • Allows for level thresholds
Scope of Use

The Scope of Use is to allow a full bathroom plumbing system to incorporate the Jesani Door Channel that is to replace the current Floor Waste which is currently located anywhere on an ungraded bathroom floor. 

With the Floor Waste Gully sitting in the shower location (more specifically under the Jesani Shower Channel), the Gully branches are able to house the plumbing for all the sanitary fixtures.  This includes the vanity, bath and Jesani Door Channel.  The Shower becomes the FWG, thus not requiring a branch.  If for any reason there is a back splash up the Floor Waste Gully, the excess splash will sit in the linear shower trough.  The trough eliminates any possible excess water hazard and if for any reason the water does escape the trough, the graded floor fall of the shower will prevent any run off to other areas of the bathroom.  

The Jesani Door Channel objective is to protect household units and other property from damage caused by free water from another household unit in the same building.  Incorporating the Jesani Door Channel into this Floor Waste Gully allows full protection based on the E3 — Internal Moisture Acceptable Solutions E3/AS1, Objective E3.1 (b).

Statement of Building Code Compliance

The Floor Waste Gully comes with its own WaterMark appraisal.

Ultimate Floor Waste Gully System, adheres to;

  • Discharge of Floor Waste Gullies AS/NZS 3500.2:2018 Table
  • Floor Waste Gully Outlet Size AS/NZS 3500.2:2018 Table

Note: A Shower may be used as a floor waste gully

  •  Door Channel — classified as a Tundish — AS/NZS 3500.2:2018 Table

 Other sanitary fixtures — subject to positional distance from FWG

Check Height of gully riser Table

  • Connection of Tundishes — AS/NZ 3500.2:2018 — 13.21
  • Untrapped Floor Drains — AS/NZS 3500.2:2018 — 13.26



Other Performance Attributes
  • Allows for a full bathroom plumbing system that includes an effective free water overflow containment
  • Hazard Free bathroom layout with no floor waste randomly placed on bathroom floor
  • Time efficent for complete bathroom floor construction - no circular wastes to work around/four way falls to grade floor too
  • Cost comparitive - save on time for preparation/installation vs product cost
  • Effective plumbing system that includes the Jesani Door Channel reduces/eliminates Insurance Claims for water floods within the bathroom/wetroom areas.
  • If separate Toilet, Laundry or Kitchen door requires a Jesani Door or Appliance Channel and is within 10 metres of FWG in Shower, these can be plumbed into the FWG.
  • With all sanitary fixtures to the Shower FWG, it is unlikely to produce any stagnant water smells as the shower will keep the water moving

JESANI deliver New Zealand made custom made linear shower and door channels for residential and commercial use

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