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JESANI Door Channel

The JESANI Door Channel is designed as a prevention for in-house flooding and will eliminate flooding between the wet and dry areas of the home.  The channel sits at the threshold of interior doorways, such as between a bathroom to hallway, or an ensuite to bedroom scenario.

All JESANI channels are manufactured from Grade 304, 1.5mm thick stainless steel.

Key Features
  • BRANZ Appraised
  • LIFEMARK product approved
  • Prevention of in-house flooding
  • Eliminates flooding between wet to dry areas of the home
  • Option to be classed as emergency overflow for plumbing system
  • Easy installation method
  • Standard door size lengths:
    • 40mm width trough
    • 38mm threaded outlet
    • 2 bar grill
    • To suit various floor coverings, such as carpet to tile, underfloor heating
    • Custom designed lengths available
  • Cavity door option available
  • Shower door option available
  • Can be powder coated to match floor tiles
Lifemark Product Partner
Lifemark Product Partner
NZ Made
NZ Made
Scope of Use

The JESANI Door Channel is suitable for use to contain accidental overflow from sanitary fixtures or sanitary appliances to meet NZBC Clause E3.3.2.

Overflow from:

  • Baths
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Vanities
  • Washing Machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Plumbed Fridges

The channel is installed along the threshold of interior doorways between wet and dry areas within the home/apartment/unit/holiday home, thus allowing the floor waste position to be located where water always finds its way out.  

Suitable for standard door lengths, and in custom sizes:

  • 40mm width trough
  • 38mm threaded outlet
  • 2 bar grill
  • Timber or concrete substrate
  • To suit various floor coverings, such as carpet to tile, and can accommodate underfloor heating

The Door Channel can also be classed as an Emergency Overflow, which allows an alternative option for the normal plumbing system.

See BRANZ Appraisal 934 for full information.

Limitations on Use
  • Designed for interior use only
Statement of Building Code Compliance

This product if designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the statements and conditions of the technical literature, will meet or contribute to meeting the following provisions of the NZBC:

  • Clause B2 Durability: Performance B2.3.1 (b), 15 years and B2.3.2
  • Clause E3 Internal Moisture: Performance E3.3.2 and E3.3.6
  • Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials: Performance F2.3.1
  • Clause G13 Foul Water: Performance G13.3.1 (a), G13.3.1 (b) and G13.3.1 (d)

See BRANZ Appraisal 934 for full information.

In-Service History

The Door Channel has been in use since 2015.

More recently, the Door Channel and Cavity Door Channel are being specified into ACC modified bathrooms for a vinyl floor application to allow for an accessible wetroom design.

Other Performance Attributes
  • BRANZ Appraisal 934
  • LIFEMARK product approved
  • Grade 304, 1.5mm thick stainless steel


The serviceable life of JESANI Shower and Door Channels, when subjected to normal conditions of environment and use, is expected to be compatible with the waterproofing membrane and floor finishes to which they are fitted.


Cleaning care of the stainless steel channel:

  • Avoid carbon steel brushes or steel wool and abrasive detergents; the brushes and wool may leave particles embedded on the surface which can lead to rusting, and abrasive cleaners could introduce the possibility of scratching the surface
  • Clean warm water and wipe are the simplest and safest method, followed by a clean water rinse and dry wipe. Stainless steels thrive with frequent cleaning
  • Periodically allow a cup of clean water to flow down the drain to keep it clear of dust/lint buildup
BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
E3 Internal Moisture compliant
Internal Moisture
G13 Foul Water compliant
Foul Water
BRANZ Appraisal 934

934 [2021]

Video Demonstrations
CAD/PDF Details
Door Channel — Concrete Substrate
Door Channel — Timber Substrate

JESANI deliver New Zealand made custom made linear shower and door channels for residential and commercial use

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