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Metro Technical
Metro Technical
on Glazing Design

The Metro Technical team offer expertise in high performance glass for the residential and commercial construction markets.

25 March 2024

Can Solar Control Glass Be Used to Mitigate the Potential for Over-Heating?

Recent modelling by Jason Quinn of Sustainable Engineering found that improper glass choice and orientation could lead to over 33% increased risk of this specific house design overheating, as evidenced by the graph. What are some options that will reduce the risk of overheating from solar gain?

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21 September 2020

Structural Glass Inspection and Crack Patterns

This month I look at considerations for inspecting structural glass and crack patterns.

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24 August 2020

Specifying Sealant, Fixing and Hardware for Structural Glass

Compatible sealant, fixing and hardware are important for ensuring the safety and performance of structural glass. 

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27 July 2020

Selecting the Right Glass for Structural Applications

Understanding the rules of glass selection for each application is key for achieving safe breakage and avoiding sudden collapse. 

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22 June 2020

Analysing the Behaviour of Structural and Laminated Glass

What causes structural glass failure? In this month's blog post, I look at the properties and behaviour of glass. 

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25 May 2020

The Different Types of Glass Used in Construction

There are mainly three types of glass; annealed glass, heat-strengthened glass and toughened glass. Here's a look at how we can expect each to perform. 

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20 September 2019

Design Considerations for Energy-Efficient Glass

The use of energy-efficient glass delivers a more comfortable building interior and helps reduce energy costs across the service life of the building. 

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