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NZ Foam Geotechnical Foam

These specially designed and field proven polyurethane foam systems are used when a lightweight spray or injection fill is required over conventional lightweight concrete mixes or polystyrene blocks.

High strength, low, medium and high density, low exotherm and fast application make this the system of choice when filling utility trenches, expansive void area under concrete slab sections or filling expansive areas with already loose, or questionable, soil load-bearing characteristics.

Key Features
  • Stable closed cell foam
  • Multiple densities available
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Fast application
  • Able to be returned to service within hours
  • Structurally sound
  • Moisture impervious  
  • Extremely impact resistant
  • Permanent solution for difficult situations
  • Self-holding, therefore no lateral pressure
Scope of Use

Geotechnical Foam is a specialised product to reduce the load capacity on the ground bearing behind retaining walls (either concrete or timber), on sloping or unstable site, reducing the need for heavy hard fill.

This product is not required to be compacted like conventional hard fill. Being a foam it will impregnate all areas, cracks or holes that will leave no air voids keying to the unstable site.

The weight capacity of the foam varies depending on application from 45kg per cubic metre upwards.

Limitations on Use
  • Limited to a geotechnical solution
  • Not used typically for insulation of walls, ceilings or underfloor 
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NZ Foam supplies premium insulation products, proven in outer space and Earth's coldest climes, and used to create warm, dry, healthy New Zealand homes that last.

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