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Easypell Wood Pellet Boilers — Domestic

Easypell wood pellet boilers are a high performance, reliable system for providing 100% renewable central heating, hot water, spa and swimming pool heating for homes.

An Easypell pellet boiler can heat homes with a floor area of up to 600m2.

Key Features

Easypell Wood Pellet Boilers from ÖkoFEN

  • 100% renewable, high performance boiler for central heating and hot water in homes
  • Heat provided for any central heating system — radiators and/or underfloor heating
  • High output hot water for showers, baths, washing, spas and swimming pools
  • Approved Ultra Low Emission Pellet Boiler (ULEPB) by ECAN
  • Small boiler footprint — 0.9m2
  • Flexible range of sizes to suit different house sizes and heating needs: 16kW, 20kW, 25kW, 32kW
  • Uses high performance OkoFEN commercial components and expertise, in an economical domestic range
  • No requirement for buffer tank for boiler operation
  • Automatic operation — on/off, timer start/stop, thermostatic control
  • Accurate heat demand control, down to 30% of peak output
  • Large fuel hopper with automatic pellet feed to boiler — 165kg or 190kg
  • Low maintenance — less than weekly refuelling, monthly ash emptying, annual servicing
  • Uses wood pellets — 100% renewable fuel, made in New Zealand from waste sawdust, with an existing delivery network throughout the country.  Average cost 13c/kWh, less if fuel stored in bulk
  • Less than 0.5% ash — less than 1kg for every 100kg pellets burned
  • Ash is certified organic fertiliser
  • No loss of performance as outside temperatures drop
  • Avoids use of high Global Warming Potential refrigerants or fossil fuels
FSC Certified
FSC Certified
Homestar / Green Star (Envirospec) Compliant
Homestar / Green Star
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use
  • Provides heat for whole home central heating and domestic hot water
  • Suitable for all climate zones in New Zealand
  • Provides high degree of resilience for whole home heating and hot water during power cuts with 0.5kW backup power supply 
Limitations on Use
  • Easypell boilers can only burn wood pellets, preferably from ISO certified manufacturers such as Azwood and Nature's Flame
  • Easypell boilers must be in a structure that protects it from the weather
NZS 3604 Corrosion Zone D suitable
Corrosion Exposure Zone D
NZS 3604 Earthquake Zone Very High suitable
Very High Earthquake Zone
NZS 3604 Wind Zone Specific Design suitable
Specific Design Wind Zone
Zone 3 Thermal Suitability: Central North Island and South Island
Zone 3: Central North Island and South Island
Statement of Building Code Compliance

All Easypell boilers are certified for ECAN Ultra Low and Low Emissions compliance:

  • Ultra-Low Emissions Pellet Burners — certificates 194782 & 194784
  • Low Emission Pellet Burners — certificates 194783 & 194785
In-Service History

Easypell boilers are designed and manufactured by a subsidy of OkoFEN, Austria. OkoFEN have been designing and manufacturing pellet boilers since 1990. As of 2020 over 85,000 OkoFEN pellet boilers have been installed worldwide

Easypell boilers and spare parts are held in New Zealand, with service agents throughout country for repairs and maintenance.

Other Performance Attributes

Wood Pellet Fuel:

  • 100,000 tonnes of wood pellets (pellets) are made annually in New Zealand from wood waste (sawdust, shavings) in Taupo, Nelson, Invercargill, and Dargaville
  • Pellets provide 100% renewable energy with the lowest carbon intensity of any distributed energy in New Zealand
  • Pellet CO2 emissions of 0.003 kg CO2e/kWh
  • Comparable CO2 emissions (CO2e/kWh) are natural gas at 0.195, diesel at 0.266, electricity at 0.0977
  • Heat pump with average COP of 3 has CO2 emissions of 0.033 kg
  • Average cost of fuel for commercial applications is $0.07 per kWh delivered, excluding GST
  • National distribution network existing for simple, safe, low impact fuel delivery service
  • Blower truck delivery can be completed with a truck up to 20m from plant room / Energy Box
  • No risk of explosion or self-ignition of fuel
  • Pellets do not burn without forced air circulation, in a building fire the bulk fuel store will only smoulder
  • No requirements for containing spillages from environment
  • No noxious emissions from boilers, minimal flue gas emissions, meets Regional Council Air Shed requirements
  • Avoids Global Warming Potential of refrigerants in heat pumps — 650 to 2,100 times more potent than CO2 when released to atmosphere
G12 Water Supplies compliant
Water Supplies
Independent Assessment
Independent Assessment
Test Results
Test Results
Easypell technical specifications


Easypell Brochure
Getting into Hot Water: A Guide to Lower Cost, Sustainable Hot Water
Easypell System Cut-Through

Apricus NZ Eco Energy are the leading distributor of sustainable hot water & heating solutions for residential & commercial buildings - evacuated tube solar systems, CO2 heat pumps, & pellet boilers.

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